‘Westworld’ episode 4 recap: ‘Dissonance Theory’ satisfies by moving the story forward

HBO aired the fourth episode of “Westworld,” titled “Dissonance Theory,” on Sunday night. The hour-long drama moved at a clip, covering a satisfying number of plot lines and characters. As the players of Westworld circle each other and cross paths, each new revelation brings with it tantalizing clues. Below, see the Top 5 confounding mysteries from episode four.

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Two timelinesThe previous episode ended with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) escaping the gunmen at the ranch and collapsing into William’s (Jimmi Simpson) arms at his camp. However, “Dissonance Theory” begins with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) having a private conversation with Dolores before cutting to Dolores waking up in William’s camp. Is it possible the events featuring William take place in at a different time than the rest of the show? After all, a retro version of the “Delos” logo was visible when William was introduced in episode two.

Shades of Maeve – Maeve (Thandie Newton) continues to experience flashbacks, particularly to a moment where she was shot in the abdomen. She sees a park worker in a hazmat suit standing over her in the vision and decides to sketch it so she can remember the figure later. When she corners Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) for answers, he refers to the figure as a “shade,” a monster that walks between worlds and is worshiped by the natives. This could mean other hosts have started to remember past interactions with park workers.

Dolores’ vision – In Las Mudas, Lawrence’s daughter draws the image of the maze in the dirt and commands Dolores to “remember.” Dolores has a series of visions in which she can see a white church with a black steeple. There are flashes of a gun and Dolores kneeling in front of a grave with her own name on it. The church appears to be the same one buried in the ground that inspires Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) new narrative. Could the new narrative center around this past traumatic moment?

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Man in Black’s occupation – During his expedition, a guest tells the Man in Black (Ed Harris), “You’re my hero.” The guest begins a story about how the Man in Black’s “organization” saved his sister’s life before being cut off. This is the first we hear of Harris’ character’s life outside of Westworld. Perhaps this is just backstory, and he runs some sort of charity. But, since the Man in Black is given free reign of the park, his organization could be the Delos company itself.

Arnold’s last story – The Man in Black reveals that he knows about Arnold and his death in the park, but is convinced Arnold left one last story to tell. The Man in Black believes the maze is Arnold’s final story and it’s hinted that he knew the park creator personally. Could it be that Arnold planted the seeds necessary orchestrate the events of the show after his own death? It appears likely that the maze is Arnold’s creation and it will propel many of the main characters on a collision course with one another.

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