‘Westworld’ episode 6 recap: Here are the top 5 mysteries from ‘The Adversary’

The sixth episode of HBO’s “Westworld” was jam-packed full of intrigue and stunning revelations. “The Adversary” revealed the answers to several burning questions and ended with a few suspenseful cliffhangers. The episode is sure to have fans of Season 1 eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the story. But until next week, let’s look at how some of the key mysteries evolved in “The Adversary” in our “Westworld” recap below.

A native myth — When the Man in Black (Ed Harris) asks Teddy (James Marsden) if the maze symbol means anything to him, Teddy says the maze is an old native myth. According to Teddy, there is a man at the center of the maze who died over and over again. He crawled back to life to vanquish his enemies, and built a maze around his house that only he could navigate. It definitely sounds like Teddy is describing the actions of a host. Is it possible that only hosts can make it to the center of the maze, and only if they are guided by Arnold?

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Bernard is totally a robot — Okay, so this isn’t confirmed but the signs are hard to ignore. Elsie (Shannon Woodward) jokes with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) that he has “been here forever,” which Bernard confirms. Later, when Bernard discovers that Ford (Anthony Hopkins) has been keeping a robot version of his family in Sector 17, Ford easily quells Bernard’s concerns with the mention of his dead son. This prompt instantly satiates Bernard’s curiosity, in the same manner that The Man in Black is able to win over Teddy by mentioning his “trigger” Dolores.

“Discover Your True Calling” — On her heartbreaking tour of the Westworld facilities, Maeve (Thandie Newton) sees a Westworld advertisement that depicts her “dream” where she had a daughter. Felix (Leonardo Nam) informs her that it’s just a previous build. After discovering that hosts have greater cognitive potential than humans, she forces Felix to adjust her intelligence attribute to the highest level. Curiously, they discover someone has already been adjusting Maeve’s attributes via an un-logged account.

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The mole is revealed — Elsie discovers that someone has been using the satellite uplinks to broadcast to the hosts out of an abandoned theater in the park. After accessing a secret computer terminal, she informs Bernard that it is Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who has been stealing information through the uplinks. But one other person has accessed the computer recently, and Elsie claims it’s Arnold. Could it really be Arnold or does someone have his log-in information?

Hey, Arnold! — Arnold is obviously linked to several of the central mysteries of the series, and based on the events in this episode, it’s possible he is still alive. Someone has been broadcasting vocal commands to hosts and secretly tampering with their personality attributes. Elsie is also grabbed by a mystery figure after her shocking discovery. Did Arnold fake his own death? Has he been living in the park this whole time? Whether in physical or digital form, it’s clear he has found some way to live on.

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