[WATCH] ‘Westworld’ episode 7 recap: ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ showcases Jeffrey Wright

“Trompe L’Oeil,” the seventh episode of “Westworld,” included a huge shock when theme park technician Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) was revealed to actually be a robotic creation of Westworld creator Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) . Each week I will be chatting via webcam with Gold Derby contributors about the newest episode and its awards prospects. This time around, I am joined by Tom O’Brien to analyze the best performance and all the plot points (watch above).

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With Wright having his first showcase episode we discussed whether he was now in upcoming TV award races. Tom observed “it’s interesting because  so far only the women have been nominated for the Critics Choice Awards. But Wright is a former Emmy winner and he has a loyal following. Up until now he’s been useful but hasn’t been stunning. This week he was stunning. This could be hist ticket.”

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As I explained,  “the Screen Actors guild will be hard where you are competing against lead actors. Globes will also be a challenge because it’s such a crowded race. But he’s a respected name and if you saw him get in at the Globes it would not be shocking at all. I think the Emmys are the sweet spot for Wright because it’s less crowded and with a voting body he has won with before. With this episode he has entered the Emmy conversation and bolstered his Globe chances.”

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