[WATCH] ‘Westworld’ season 1 finale preview: ‘The Bicameral Mind’ trailer hints at Ford’s narrative

The first season of HBO’s new hit “Westworld” hurtles toward its conclusion in the Season 1 finale this Sunday, December 4. Will “The Bicameral Mind” answer all the questions the series has dangled before its viewers? Watch the preview trailer for the “Westworld” season finale above.

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The new promo is narrated by Ford (Anthony Hopkins) as he introduces his new development. Will viewers finally see what the mad genius has been working on all season long? The Delos organization may not be happy with his new narrative, but Ford has outsmarted every one of his opponents thus far. This could spell trouble for Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), who is trying to wrestle control of Westworld away from its creator.

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“Stories help us become the people we dreamed of being,” claims Ford. Indeed there are several characters in major transitions. Maeve (Thandie Newton) has more control than ever, and a confrontation between her and Ford seems imminent. Maeve also seems to stumble across the cold storage facility. If she finds and revives the dead Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), the two hosts could make a formidable team. And the Man in Black is closer than ever to finding the maze, though Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) might be closer to the answers he seeks, having been led by voices in her head.

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The title of the episode may refer to those voices Dolores hears. Bicameralism is an idea created by Julian Jaynes, published in his book “The Origin of Consciousness.” It is the idea that the human mind was once split into two states: one that speaks and one that listens and obeys. According to Jaynes’ theory, this type of mind started to break down as humanity advanced. The same phenomena seems to be taking place in the hosts of Westworld.

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