‘Westworld’ season premiere: Top 5 mysteries from ‘The Original’

HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” has entertained us for six seasons by keeping viewers guessing as to the answers to the many prophecies and questions of parentage. With that Emmy winner not returning until next summer, the network is hoping for similar success with “Westworld.” The sci-fi/western mashup, adapted from Michael Crichton’s 1973 film, premiered on October 2. If the first episode, “The Original,” is any indication, the many dangling mysteries will spur even more fan theories than Jon Snow. Here are the five most tantalizing clues to ponder until next Sunday.

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The Lady with the White Shoes
We first glimpse park owner Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) as he is chatting with Old Bill (Michael Wincott), the second oldest robot host built for Westworld. Bill is stuck in a loop, forever giving a toast to “the lady with the white shoes.” Does this woman actually exist? The best bet for a candidate is Delores (Evan Rachel Wood), the park’s first-ever host robot.

Whispered Words
Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum) whispers something cryptic in Dolores’ ear after he starts to malfunction. Dolores tells engineer Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) that Peter said: “These violent delights have violent ends,” a quote lifted from “Romeo and Juliet”. Was the quote just meant to be creepy and ominous, or is Delores hiding what was actually said?

Cold Storage
As Peter is being escorted into the storage facility for decommissioned hosts, Bernard whispers something to him in the same manner that he had whispered to Dolores. There appears to be an army’s worth of hosts in this storage room. Its possible Bernard is staging some sort of revolt in Westworld, and the old hosts are his secret weapon.

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Critical Failure
Ed Harris’ Man in Black mentions that there is a “deeper level” to the game, and has been a guest at the park for 30 years. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how long ago the park experienced its last “critical failure.” We don’t know what this incident entailed (it could be a nod to the events of the original film), but signs point to the Man in Black being involved.

Scalp Map
The Man in Black’s quest to uncover secrets ramps up when he viciously scalps a park hosts. Eagle eyed viewers get a glimpse of some type of map or maze printed on the inside of the scalp. It looks an awful lot like the DHARMA Initiative symbols from producer J.J. Abrams’ mystery riddled “Lost.” So, it’s safe to assume it has significance to the end game of “Westworld”.

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