Who died on ‘The Walking Dead’? Our contest leader predicts Glenn, Abraham or Daryl

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“‘The Walking Dead‘ has really found its stride the past few seasons and overall I loved Season 6,” says our contest leader Sam Eckmann, who tops our Season 6 leaderboard with his impressive 84% accuracy and 95,623 point score. “However, after all the awesome tension building and a terrifying entrance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan, ending on such a maddening cliffhanger robbed an iconic moment of a ton of impact. As for who died, I think it is between Glenn Rhee, Abraham Ford and Daryl Dixon.”

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Eckmann explains, “Glenn follows the comic storyline and there has been plenty of foreshadowing of his death for the past two seasons. Abraham received more focus this year than in the past. He found love with Sasha and got a tender goodbye moment with Eugene in this episode. Daryl’s death would enrage fans more than the offing of any other character, and that was the entire point of beloved Glenn’s death in the comics.”

As for which of the show’s cast members might earn some Emmy love this year, Eckmann tells us, “Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) is the acting MVP by far. She always is. If the Emmy voters get their act together and finally pay attention to her incredible work, she has two stunning possible episode submissions with ‘JSS’ and ‘The Same Boat.’ Guest actors Tovah Feldshuh (as Deanna, gone way too soon) and John Carroll Lynch (as Eastman, stealing every scene of his two-hander) gave incredible performances that should be seriously considered for the guest acting categories.”

“The season featured some of the best moments of the series (the entire thrilling episode ‘JSS’) and some of the most frustrating (cliffhangers and fake-outs),” Eckmann adds. “I am incredibly excited for more of Morgan’s Negan next season. The performance was so spot-on, it’s like the comic character jumped right off the page.”

We’ll have to wait until next season to find out which of the unlucky 11 characters at episode’s end was sacrificed by the TV gods. In the meantime, have YOUR say by voting in our poll below.

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