2017 Gold Derby TV Awards reactions: Cheers for Timothy Simons & Aubrey Plaza, but ‘criminal’ to snub ‘American Crime’

Our users at Gold Derby know awards like the back of their hands, so they’ve been deciding our Gold Derby TV Awards for the last 14 years. Chosen by hundreds of passionate users like you, the 2017 nominees for the best achievements of the television season were announced on July 26, and many of the users who helped make those choices had a lot to say about the resulting list of nominees. To some, our awards were “definitely an improvement on the Emmys.” To others, these nominations were “criminal.” Whatever your outlook, you can check out some of the comments below, join the discussion in our forums, and vote for the winners right now.

Teridax: “Timothy Simons for the win!!! Jonah Ryan is one of the funniest and most despicable characters of the century thus far, and we need to recognize him since the Emmys so stupidly refuse to!”

Hunterbergfeld: “It is criminal that ‘American Crime’ was snubbed. That and ‘AHS’ + [Mary Elizabeth Winstead from ‘Fargo’] should have dominated supporting actress, and it is a crime that [Benito Martinez] was snubbed … FYC Aubrey Plaza: If you are curious about her performance and don’t watch ‘Legion,’ I recommend ‘Chapter 6.’ You will not understand anything but she gets to go full crazy and it is glorious.”

Riley: “With the best comedy (‘Search Party’) and performance (Jonathan Groff) of the year snubbed, these are not the most inspired nominees, but definitely an improvement on the Emmys.”

Chlojack: “Interesting that ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ underperformed here compared to the Emmys. I thought they’d at least get nominated for best episode (‘Late’) and possibly ensemble (given the four acting Emmy nods).”

AayaanUpadhyaya: “As happy as I am to see ‘Orange is the New Black’ get its well deserved Drama Series nomination, I can’t seriously fathom how it got snubbed in Drama Episode for ‘Toast Can’t Ever Be Bread Again’!! Like WTF!!!”

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