Razzie Awards chief John Wilson talks turkeys: ‘Batman v. Superman,’ ‘Dirty Grandpa,’ ‘Zoolander 2’ …

“Well, Madonna’s not making movies anymore and Adam Sandler skedaddled over to Netflix,” John Wilson declared when asked about the impact of the Razzie Awards, which he oversees. “I’d consider both of those a public service,” he told Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil in a lively podcast (listen below). But while eight-time Razzie champ Sandler may not be in contention this year as he is taking a break from theatrical releases to produce films for Netflix, Wilson warns, “We are considering whether maybe we should roll Netflix into what’s eligible.”

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Asked if the Razzies might target TV series someday, Wilson is doubtful given the scale of such an expansion of scope. “There’s just too much of it; it’s 24/7, 500 channels,” he reckons. “Perhaps we could train a monkey to record all of that, but who’s going to watch it?”

Despite the absence of Sandler, Wilson maintains that 2016 still yielded a “big crop of crap” and cites seven films as major contenders for the upcoming 37th Golden Raspberry Awards: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (“probably the big one”), “Dirty Grandpa” (“so tasteless”), “Gods of Egypt” (“just bat-shit crazy”), “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” (“shmuckumentary”), “Independence Day: Resurgence” (“Regurgence”), “London Has Fallen” (“junk”) and “Zoolander 2” (“they’re 15 years older and 15 years more out of touch”).

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Voting among the thousand-plus membership is currently underway, with nominations to be announced on Jan. 23, the day before Oscar nominations are revealed. Although the Razzie nominating ballot includes a shortlist in each category of 15 to 19 contenders, some races are easier for Wilson to whittle down than others.

“The supporting actor category every year is the most crowded one. There are some years when we have 30 possible choices,” he explains before finding a silver lining. “I suppose it’s good news for actresses that we have a much harder time filling the female categories every year.”

As “Head Raspberry,” Wilson takes it upon himself to be an informed voter. “Sometimes, this is fun and sometimes, it’s just a grind,” he admits about watching all the possible contenders. “We keep waiting for someone to come at us with a hunk of money and say, ‘Don’t give us your award.” Indeed, as he notes with glee, “We accept PayPal!”

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