2017 TV Movie Emmy predictions slugfest: Will HBO lose to ‘Sherlock’ again? What about ‘Black Mirror’? [WATCH]

“Two things need to stop. First of all, this category needs to stop because four of the five nominees are not actually that acclaimed,” Riley Chow tells fellow Gold Derby video personalities Zach LawsRob Licuria and Amanda Spears in our slugfest about the 2017 Emmy race for Best TV Movie (watch discussion of the movie and limited series categories above). “Black Mirror” is the only nominee that critics reviewed as more than passable, making the Best TV Movie slate a sorry excuse for a category that supposedly honors outstanding achievements. Consider the nominees’ Rotten Tomatoes scores:

“Black Mirror” season 3 (NET): 94% of reviews favorable, 7.8/10 average rating
“Christmas of Many Colors” (NBC): 57% of reviews favorable, 6.4/10 average rating
“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” (HBO): 66% of reviews favorable, 6.5/10 average rating
“Sherlock” season 4 (PBS): 66% of reviews favorable, 6.9/10 average rating
The Wizard of Lies” (HBO): 72% of reviews favorable, 6.5/10 average rating

Trying to be extra quotable, Chow continues, “That’s the first thing that needs to stop — the category. The second thing that needs to stop is these shows like ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Black Mirror’ pretending to be movies. If you have a series of movies, that’s called a ‘series’ — that’s what every television series is. They changed the terminology for [Best] Limited Series. It used to be called [Best] Miniseries. Now, it’s called Limited Series because the idea is that it takes both miniseries and anthology series, but now we have anthologies jumping over to [Best] Movie. That category was renamed for them. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Our group is split on which TV movie will prevail. Licuria and Chow are predicting frontrunner “Black Mirror: San Junipero” (2/3 odds, aggregated from the predictions of Gold Derby’s Experts, Editors and Users); Spears and Laws are betting on an upset by “Sherlock: The Lying Detective” (4/1). Laws explains, “Last year, the obvious choice — ‘All the Way’ — lost to ‘Sherlock’ and so it stands to reason that the obvious choice this year — ‘Wizard of Lies’ — would lose to ‘Sherlock’.”

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“All the Way” and “The Wizard of Lies” (5/1) are the so-called obvious choices because HBO has won this award 20 times since they first won 24 years ago. “The Wizard of Lies” was far out front in predictions before nominations, but it ranks third now, having reaped only four total. Laws points out however, “None of these movies had a huge showing in the nominations.” “Black Mirror” and “Sherlock” also have four nominations apiece; “Christmas of Many Colors” (80/1) and “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” (25/1) are present in no categories but this one.

Spears remarks, “I don’t really see what they like about ‘Sherlock’ because it’s not getting any better.” Licuria is not much more enthusiastic about our choice, reflecting on its low tally, “It really, really underperformed and I was very disappointed about that because I thought ‘San Junipero’ was a beautiful hour of television.”

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