Oscars 2017 live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment of the 2017 Academy Awards. Here are live musings on the best, worst and craziest moments of this free-wheeling kudofest from Chris Beachum, Sam EckmannCharles BrightDavid BuchananMarcus Dixon, Zach Laws, Rob LicuriaDaniel MontgomeryTom O’Brien, Tony RuizPaul SheehanAmanda Spears, and myself.

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DANIEL MONTGOMERY: “Moonlight” is like the opposite of Beyonce tonight. Wow!
MATT NOBLE: After reading “La La Land” it has been corrected that “Moonlight” won. Incredible grace from the “La La Land” producers.
DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are never invited back to the Oscars. For crying out loud!
Best Picture- “Moonlight”
DANIEL MONTGOMERY: This has been a great Oscars telecast, and one of the biggest reasons is showing so many clips of the nominated films: all the acting categories and great clip packages for Best Picture. Do this every year, please!

MATT NOBLE: One of the great young actresses with a nice speech.

Best Actress – Emma Stone, “La La Land”

AMANDA SPEARS: Washington wanted this bad you can tell by the tears in his eyes. Affleck might have that hair for a role but he could’ve combed it!

Best Actor – Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”

AMANDA SPEARS: Daniel Chazelle forgot that win entitles him to one free kiss from Halle Berry!!!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Fun fact — Halle Berry just presented to the youngest Best Director ever, and 14 years ago she also presented to the youngest Best Actor ever (Adrien Brody in “The Pianist”).

Best Director – Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

MATT NOBLE: “Hidden Figures,” “Lion” and “Hell or High Water” are the Best picture nominees without a win so far. All the Best Director nominees have a win.

AMANDA SPEARS: Why couldn’t Amy Adams and Matt and Ben switch categories so they were not presenting categories that there films were involved with?

Best Adapted Screenplay – “Moonlight”

Best Original Screenplay – “Manchester by the Sea”

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Matt Damon getting played off by maestro Jimmy might one one of the funniest moments ever at the Oscars. Just genius.

CHRIS BEACHUM: love Matt and Ben but they should not have presented original screenplay with their attachment to it.

AMANDA SPEARS: Maybe Ryan Murphy’s next “Feud” Limited Series??? Kimmel and Damon?

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: This feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon may get old eventually, but tonight is not the night — loving it!

AMANDA SPEARS: Lin-Manuel Miranda is probably in cold sweats not knowing what to do since he won EVERYTHING last year!

Best Song – “City of Stars” from “La La Land”

Best Score – “La La Land”

DENTON DAVIDSON: “La La Land” – the most celebrated original musical of the modern era. Where the two stars have their supporting actor perform both of their songs live at the Oscars because they aren’t actually very good singers.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I actually understand why “City of Stars” is nominated for an Oscar when John Legend performs it. I keep wondering what the film would have been like if he had played Sebastian.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: It’s so weird to see someone other than Emmanuel Lubezki winning Best Cinematography.

Best Cinematography – “La La Land”

Best Live Action Short – “Sing”

DENTON DAVIDSON: So happy for “The White Helmets”! It is so deserved, by far had the most impact on me when I watched them.

Best Documentary Short – “The White Helmets”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: What’s making Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar hosting so good to night is his audience interaction. He has such a great and natural rapport with the crowd, from the famous folks to that tour group. Reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres’s last hosting gig.

TOM O’BRIEN: Re: “Hacksaw Ridge” editing win — Never forget the steakeaters when you’re predicting. They spoke loud and clear tonight.

SAM ECKMANN: Film Editing goes to Hacksaw Ridge, one of the biggest upsets of the night. Maybe the La La Land backlash hit the Academy? Best Picture up for grabs?

AMANDA SPEARS: And with that upset “West Side Story” at 10 will remain the most rewarded musical in Oscars history!

Best Film Editing – “La La Land”

CHRIS BEACHUM: I am absolutely loving the inspirational moments of current stars presenting with their heroes! Shirley MacLaine and Charlize Theron. Michael J. Fox and Seth Rogen.

ROBERT PIUS: Jimmy Kimmel really is doing well. This will probably boost ratings for his talk show in the coming weeks.

CHRIS BEACHUM: Congrats to the producers! It’s the best Oscar show from a production standpoint since the year hosted by Hugh Jackman.

AMANDA SPEARS: Were Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield about to make out? Because I wouldn’t be opposed!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I LOVE this bit with the tour group being surprised to walk into the Oscars. I’d love for them all to co-host the show.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: It took one hour and 45 minutes for “La La Land” to win its first Oscar. I bet the Lionsgate camp were biting their nails off!

MATT NOBLE – And “La La Land” opens its account.

Best Production Design – “La La Land”

ROBERT PIUS: If only Joan Rivers was alive to comment on Halle Berry’s hair.

MATT NOBLE: “Zootopia” is one of the best of the year. Very deserved and good speech touching on “fear of the other.” Add that to the wall comment and the floodgates have really opened on political comments.

Best Animated Feature – “Zootopia”

Best Animated Short – “Piper”

ROB LICURIA: I just realized that the Oscar producers have wisely and mercifully done away with the stupid waste of time introductions of the best picture nominated films throughout the show. Another Oscar miracle!!!

MATT NOBLE: On a night that has been light on politics in the speeches, Asgahar’s statement was a potent message about dividing the world into an ‘us’ and ‘them.’ It will go down as one of the night’s water cooler moments.

Best Foreign Language Film – “The Salesman”

CHRIS BEACHUM: how do we help Viola Davis win a Grammy for the EGOT?

ROB LICURIA: Viola Davis is an international treasure. That acceptance speech will go down in history as one of the best. Phew, I need a minute to recuperate.

AMANDA SPEARS: No way ABC was going to cutoff Viola Davis before she was done! Best speech so far!

DAVID BUCHANAN: Viola’s will long be remembered as one of the greatest acceptance speeches in contemporary Oscar history.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Everyone else can go home after that magnificent Viola Davis speech. It’s going to be hard to do any better than that on stage.

Best Supporting Actress –  Viola Davis, “Fences”

MATT NOBLE: “La La Land” is under-performing but none of these losses were out of the question. I think its still comfortable in the top two races.

TOM O’BRIEN: Oh-oh. I wonder if some dark clouds are rolling into “La La Land” land.

ROB LICURIA: I had “Arrival” for Sound Mixing and “Hacksaw Ridge” for Sound Editing! The other way around!!!!! Aaaarrrrrggghhh!!!!!!! Upside, I like how the Academy is spreading the wealth!

DENTON DAVIDSON: What’s next, “Moonlight” for Best Picture? Wowza.

SAM ECKMANN: Thank god Academy voters came to their senses and realized La La Land’s sound was not worthy. Glad to see Kevin O’Connell on the stage.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: They’re going out of their way NOT to give “La La Land” anything. Huh.

AMANDA SPEARS: So “La La Land” can now only win 10!

Best Sound Mixing – “Hacksaw Ridge”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Kevin O’Connell FINALLY wins an Oscar for Best Sound! This was his 21st nomination!

ROB LICURIA: so happy for “Arrival”, which has THE BEST sound in a film this past year. So many wonderful surprises!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Thank God “Arrival” will not be shut out at these Oscars. Hooray!

Best Sound Editing – “Arrival”

DAVID BUCHANAN: We’ve seen too many hosts hand out food to audience members, but at least Kimmel dropped it from the ceiling!

DENTON DAVIDSON: Auli’i Cravalho, I need to see I.D.! Sixteen and acting like singing on the biggest stage in the world in front of Hollywood elite is nothing. She will probably be back to the Oscar stage again some day.

SAM ECKMANN: Auli’i Cravalho just got hit by a flag and still nailed the song. Bravo Moana!
DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I’m loving this performance by Auli’i Cravalho. I think she might have a bright future doing more than just voice-over work.

AMANDA SPEARS: Its amazing that ESPN just won an Oscar and the big four networks will be lucky to get an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series.

Best Documentary Feature – “OJ: Made in America”

MATT NOBLE: Disappointed we couldn’t see a rare win for contemporary costumes this year.

AMANDA SPEARS: Jackie Kennedy remains a fashion icon. Those who’ve attempted to bring her clothes to life whether on tv or the big screen have all failed to win. Perfect record for one of the most popular First Ladies.

Best Costume Design – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

MATT NOBLE: The “Suicide Squad” win has me divided. Loved what they did with Harley Quinn, but thought they overdid the Joker.

ROB LICURIA: I beg to differ Daniel. The makeup in “Star Trek Beyond” was, to me, just incomparably stunning.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: As much as people will bellyache, that Makeup/Hairstyling win for “Suicide Squad” was well deserved. Killer Croc and Harley Quinn especially. You only have to walk around Comic Con once to see how instantly iconic that Harley Quinn look proved to be. Not a great film, but great makeup.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling – “Suicide Squad”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Mahershala Ali’s victory was made possible, obviously, by the Gold Derby / Montgomery Bump I gave him by interviewing him last month. Kudos! And a really sweet, understated speech.

AMANDA SPEARS: I guess Kevin Spacey’s ‘smear campaign’ backfired! So sorry Kevin, you’re not the only Oscar winner on “House of Cards” anymore.

MATT NOBLE: Give it time Daniel.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: They’re showing clips of the nominated performances! It’s an Oscar miracle!

Best Supporting Actor – Mahershala Ali, “Moonlight”

MATT NOBLE: Loved the roast of Meryl Streep. Perfect ironic way to address Trump. On point opening by Kimmel.

ROB LICURIA: Jimmy Kimmel is killing it as an excellent host with a great start about uniting the country and spotlighting another “feud” with good sport Matt Damon. I’m loving this!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: In what feels like it might be a heavy, political Oscars, it was nice to see them open with an unabashedly fun performance by an unabashedly great showman.

MATT NOBLE: Did someone tell Justin Timberlake that it was Jimmy Fallon hosting.

DENTON DAVIDSON: Great performance from Justin Timberlake to open the show. I wonder what was going through Ryan Gosling’s mind as he sat in the front row discovering what singing and dancing is.

ROB LICURIA: great way to open the show with what is arguably the happiest nominated song! Love this performance by Justin Timberlake!

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