‘Adam Ruins Everything’ season 2: Adam Conover defends truth in the age of Donald Trump [WATCH]

Adam Ruins Everything” returns to TruTV for its second season tonight, July 11. The series was created by and stars Adam Conover, who plays an exaggerated, know-it-all version of himself who debunks his friends’ conventional wisdom on topics ranging from sex to death to summer vacations. And tonight he takes on assorted myths around having a baby. We talked to Conover earlier this spring to discuss the role of this kind of informational series in the misinformation age of Donald Trump. Watch above.

Because the show is shot months in advance, it’s impossible to be as ripped-from-the-headlines topical as other informative comedians like John Oliver or Samantha Bee. “So instead we’re trying to do our part to continue informing people and encouraging them to ask questions and be critical of what they hear because that’s a really important basic goal,” says Conover about the show’s mission. “We’re trying to stand up for scholarly sources, and responsible sources of information, and the idea that there is such a thing as truth and that you can know it and you can find it if you are careful. There is such a thing as true things and false things.”

Conover gets his points across to the audience with a blend of comedy sketches, guest experts, and continuing storylines, and he hopes viewers embrace the show because “it’s all of our responsibility to inform ourselves as much as possible so we can participate in the country, so that’s what we tried to do on the show.”

Watch our interview with Conover above. And below you can check out a preview of tonight’s show in which he gives his take on baby formula.

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