Allison Janney dishes ‘I, Tonya’ with Ellen DeGeneres: Will she cheat to win the Oscar? [WATCH]

“The reason I quit was that I had this accident, and the reason I had this accident was that I was playing a game and I was cheating,” said Allison Janney about how her own ice-skating ambitions ended while discussing her role as figure skater Tonya Harding‘s mother in “I, Tonya” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Janney has played a number of games with DeGeneres during her many appearances on the daytime talk show, and the two have had a highly competitive rivalry. Watch Janney’s latest appearance on “Ellen” above.

“So you started cheating early in life,” teased DeGeneres, “because every time we’ve played a game you’ve cheated. I have a feeling you could win the Oscar because you know how to cheat … Now I’m going to bet on you because I know you’re a cheater.” Watch your kneecaps, Laurie Metcalf!

“I, Tonya” tells the true story of Tonya Harding, who became infamous after her American figure skating rival Nancy Kerrigan was attacked, but Harding may have been unfairly vilified for the assault. “I just wanted to give her a hug,” said Janney about meeting Harding at the premiere of the film. “Back when we first heard about the story we were told what to think about her. We were told she was a villain. Actually it was a lot more complicated than that … People come away [from the film] with a lot more compassion for her.”

As of this writing Janney ranks second in our Oscar predictions for Best Supporting Actress with 10/3 odds and support from nine of the Expert film journalists we’ve polled for their picks. Do you think she’ll win? Watch our own in-depth video chat with Janney below, and make your Oscar predictions here.

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