American Film Institute poll results: Practically perfect Julie Andrews is your choice to receive AFI life achievement award

Our American Film Institute poll results are in, and you choose Julie Andrews as the 46th life achievement award recipient in 2018. The “practically perfect” Oscar-winning Best Actress from “Mary Poppins” has received 32% of the vote in our poll that has been offered the past few days. AFI officials will most likely reveal the next honoree soon, since the announcement for 2017 recipient Diane Keaton was on October 6, 2016.

We provided you with a list of 10 actresses for this poll. Our survey of women at least 50 years old included Oscar-winning actresses Andrews, Sandra Bullock, Sally Field, Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange, and Julia Roberts (who turns 50 in October), plus Oscar nominees Annette Bening, Glenn Close, and Sigourney Weaver.

For the full results, Lange was in second place with 17% and was followed by Close with 15%. Field received 11% and then Foster with 6% and Kidman with 5%. The other actresses finished as follows: Bullock (4%), Weaver (4%), Bening (3%), and Roberts (3%).

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We are also offering a separate AFI poll about which male actor should be honored. You can continue voting in that poll for a few more days.

Prior to picking composer John Williams for the 2016 honor, the AFI had only chosen actors, actresses, and directors starting way back in the 1970s when the recipients were director John Ford (1973), actor James Cagney (1974), director/actor Orson Welles (1975), director William Wyler (1976), actress Bette Davis (1977), actor Henry Fonda (1978), and director Alfred Hitchcock (1979).

Past recipients, besides Williams and Keaton, who are still with us: actor Kirk Douglas (1991), actor Sidney Poitier (1992), actor Jack Nicholson (1994), director Steven Spielberg (1995), actor/director Clint Eastwood (1996), director Martin Scorsese (1997), actor Dustin Hoffman (1999), actor Harrison Ford (2000), actress/director Barbra Streisand (2001), actor/director Tom Hanks (2002), actor Robert De Niro (2003), actress Meryl Streep (2004), director George Lucas (2005), actor Sean Connery (2006), actor Al Pacino (2007), actor/director Warren Beatty (2008), actor/producer Michael Douglas (2009), actor Morgan Freeman (2011), actress Shirley MacLaine (2012), director/actor Mel Brooks (2013), actress Jane Fonda (2014), and actor/writer Steve Martin (2015).

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