‘American Horror Story: Cult’ ending explained: What was up with [SPOILER]’s green cloak in the ‘AHS’ finale?

Warning: the following story contains “American Horror Story: Cult” spoilers from Tuesday’s season finale. Read at your own risk!

At the end of “AHS: Cult,” Sarah Paulson‘s Ally Mayfair-Richards — make that Senator Ally Mayfair-Richards — told her son Oz (Cooper Dodson) that she had to attend a meeting with “a group of powerful, empowered women who want to change the system.” As “American Horror Story” fans around the globe began to wonder if Ryan Murphy and co. were about to reveal a massive connection between “Cult” and the witches of “Coven,” Ally instead stared into the mirror and slowly raised a green cloak over her head.

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Confused? Fear not: Here’s the “American Horror Story: Cult” ending explained. Earlier this season Ally met with Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy), who called herself the last follower of Valerie Solanas (Lena Dunham), a real-life cult leader who wanted to empower women by killing men. When Bebe first appeared in the seventh episode of Season 7, she was wearing … the exact same green robe.

In other words, Ally has now taken it upon herself to further the controversial (and murderous) works of Valerie Solanas. And something tells us that with all she’s been through and her newfound notoriety, Senator Mayfair-Richards may go on to have even more success than Valerie and Bebe could have ever dreamed. See our side-by-side screenshots of Paulson and Conroy down below.

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Elsewhere in the “AHS: Cult” season finale, Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) was sent to prison after it was revealed that Ally had been working with the FBI ever since her lockup at the institution mid-season. After Kai staged a prison break with the help of a conflicted cult follower, who also happened to be a prison guard, Kai tried to kill Ally live on television during her senatorial debate. However, unbeknownst to Kai, Ally had also been working with the prison guard so when the guard handed Kai a gun, it was of course unloaded. After failing to kill Ally, that’s when Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) shot him in the head, ending his life.

What did you think of the “American Horror Story: Cult” grand finale? And how did Season 7 stack up against the other installments of FX’s horror anthology series? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

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