‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Cuts 3 preview: Billy & Emily England perform hair-pulling skate act [WATCH]

Every week “America’s Got Talent” releases one audition video in advance of Tuesday’s episode, and this time the honor goes to Billy & Emily England. The brother-sister roller skating duo from the U.K. originally appeared on Season 9 of “Britain’s Got Talent” where they met judge/creator Simon Cowell. They reached the Semifinals of that season but ultimately lost out to dog tricks act Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse. In the video above, watch Billy & Emily England’s new “AGT” routine that’ll be shown on Tuesday’s Judge Cuts 3 episode.

The skate duo begins their routine as they did back in the Season 12 auditions, with Billy holding onto Emily as they spin around and around on a small skating rink. However, toward the end of their act things take a shocking turn as Emily reaches out and grabs onto Billy’s beard. She then continues spinning in circles, holding onto nothing but her brother’s facial hair. Talk about a hair-pulling experience!

The five judges — Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and guest Laverne Cox — all have vastly different reactions to the beard-grabbing moment. Mandel puts his hands on his head, Cox covers her mouth, and Mel B turns around completely so as not to watch. “Oh my God!” exclaims Klum. “She’s gonna hold onto the beard and that’s it!”

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At the end of the performance, which is scored to “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid, all five judges jump to their feet. It’s safe to assume that Billy & Emily England will advance to the live rounds of “America’s Got Talent” 2017, but you’ll have to tune in on Tuesday night to see for sure. Of the 20 acts who perform this week, only seven will go through to the next stage.

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