‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Cuts 3 recap: Which act earned Laverne Cox’s Golden Buzzer?

Tuesday night, Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” aired the third episode of the final stage of the competition before the live shows begin. Twenty performers presented their act in front of series judges Simon Cowell, Heidi KlumHowie Mandel and Mel B as well as guest judge actress and Emmy nominee Laverne Cox. Cox took over the special position that Chris Hardwick and DJ Khaled held in the last two weeks, having her own Golden Buzzer to overrule the other judges with and send her favorite act straight through.

Below, read our “Americas Got Talent” 2017 recap of the 20 acts in the order in which they were showcased on Tuesday’s episode. Who are you most excited to see perform in the live shows? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts down in the comments section.

Oscar Hernandez: AGT is Oscar’s chance to move from behind the scenes choreographing other acts and finally put himself at center stage. For this audition he brought out a crew of girls to dance backup for him and dedicated it all to Laverne. The entire panel was entertained and applauded his routine while smiling ear to ear.

Tony and Jordan: The twins brought back their digital magic show for another round, but this time set it up like a video game with them fighting each other.

The Naked Magicians: Using host Tyra Banks as an assistant, the two guys did predictive magic combining it with a strip tease that made the women on the panel quite happy.

Jeki Yoo: Jeki was the third magic act to take the stage Tuesday night, performing a card trick at the judges’ table. The most engaging aspect of Jeki’s routine is his personality (specifically his laugh) which helped endear Simon to him for the first time.

Herbie Russ: With his saxophone in hand, Herbie sang a soulful rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends” that elicited a “wow” from Laverne early on and a “woo” later. Both Laverne and Heidi have him an ovation and Mel complimented his passion.

Mike Yung: Following Herbie was Mike, a subway performer from New York City, who also went down the soul road with his take on “A Change Is Gonna Come.” In the spirit of dreams coming true, Howie pointed out that performing on AGT means Mike just performed to an audience of millions, much larger than the capacity of Madison Square Garden.

5 Alive: This singing and dancing boy band split the judges once again with Mel standing on their side and Simon remaining unimpressed by their performance of “This Is How We Do It.”

Final Draft: With regrets, the panel told this quartet of singers that their audition was much better the first time, but wished them good luck heading into the cuts.

Brobots and Mandroidz: After their first audition the dance crew was cut by a few members because their parents wanted them to focus on school instead of dance. Impressed by their ability to keep the routine as clean as they do with so many members, the judges were unanimous in support of the act.

Marisa McKaye: This 12 year old brought her acoustic guitar with her for a country performance that left tears in everyone’s eyes, including her own. Simon specifically liked her rasp and tone.

Celine Tam: In dedication to her little sister, 9 year old Celine sang “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” and for the second time blew the judges and the audience away with the power of her voice. At a loss for words other than “adorable” and “cute,” Laverne had no choice but to hit her Golden Buzzer and send Celine straight to the live shows.

Aileen George: School administrator by day and dancer by night, Aileen used two poles as props in this round, but the judges didn’t think there was enough of a step up from her first round audition.

Shemika Charles: Powering through a few technical difficulties, Shemika once again limboed, but perhaps with one too many props that left the judges more confused than impressed.

Jay Jay Phillips: Big hair, animal print and an electric keyboard is what Jay Jay brings to the competition and when paired with his spunky personality the judges see him as a potential total package. His performance even had Simon rocking out, but Heidi digressed in saying she wished he was part of a band instead of a solo act.

Diavolo: More than just a dance crew, Diavolo sees themselves as a family and rather than just performing a routine on stage, they utilize massive sets that they incorporate into their choreography to create stunning and daring visuals. This week their concept was a moving train that they danced in and out of, ran up and jump off of. Though she loved it, Laverne’s concern is that there isn’t necessarily a space for the company in the real world outside of the show.

Jonathan Rinny: For Jonathan’s act he balanced on top of a board laid on top of five cylinders wobbling back and forth while being raised up into the air. The daring task made the judges’ jaws drop.

Bello Nock: Having promised Simon that for his next act he’d shoot himself out of a canon over a helicopter, Bello had no choice but to keep his word. In true daredevil fashion, Bello successfully defied death much to the joy of the judges and respect of Simon.

Daniel Ferguson: Daniel elevates his comedy act by injecting it with his stellar voice impressions, mostly of well-known and iconic characters, while singing. The judges liked him again this time around.

Preacher Lawson: Simon led the charge on this one, being the first judge to stand up to clap after Preacher’s standup set. But Howie put it best in describing his talent as physical, visual and verbal, firing from all cylinders to execute his comedy.

Billy and Emily England: This brother and sister duo takes roller skating to another level by performing daring lifts while spinning on their skates. To up the ante for this round, Emily held on to Billy’s beard while spinning which must have hurt, but left the audience stunned nevertheless.

At the end of the episode the judges deliberated on the 20 acts, tasked with narrowing the field down to only six more acts from the night that would join the Golden Buzzer 2017 picks in the live shows. They chose: Oscar Hernandez, Brobots and Mandroidz, Diavolo, Billy and Emily England, Mike Yung, and Preacher Lawson. Do you agree with their choices? Sound off below.

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