‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 judges cut South Korean magician Jeki Yoo: Are you outraged? [POLL]

In a shocking twist, South Korean magician Jeki Yoo was eliminated on Tuesday’s Judge Cuts 3 episode of “America’s Got Talent” 2017 just before making it to the live rounds. Yoo failed to make the cut with judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and guest Laverne Cox (Emmy-nominated for “Orange is the New Black”), despite their unanimous praises. Are you outraged that Yoo was eliminated before the live shows? Watch Jeki Yoo’s performance above and then sound off in our poll below.

During his close-up magic trick, Yoo asked Cox to sign her name on the 10 of Hearts. Then, no matter how many times Yoo proceeded to shuffle the deck, Cox’s card kept appearing underneath the golden egg on the judges’ table. The magician later made the entire deck of cards appear under the egg, as the judges looked on speechless. Yoo’s quirky laughter and excited personality kept everyone smiling the entire time, and the judges were soon raving about his performance.

“I gotta say, I love you,” noted Mandel. “You’re like a great character and a great magician, and it looks like you enjoy your act as much as everybody else.”

Klum expressed her shock over the trick, saying, “You’re this close. I mean, we’re right here. You had the whole deck in your hand, and then only one card. Where did they all go? It was incredible. And I love your ‘hee-hee-hee!'”

Cox readily admitted, “We have to believe that you’re magic and nothing can stand in your way. Yeah, that was amazing.”

And Cowell concluded, “I’m gonna be honest with you. I wasn’t sure whether you would actually have a shot in this round. But you absolutely stepped it up. It was quite impressive. Congratulations.”

The seven acts to go through to the live rounds of “Americas Got Talent” 2017 are Golden Buzzer recipient Celine Tam, Oscar Hernandez, Brobots and Mandroidz, Diavolo, Billy and Emily England, Mike Yung and Preacher Lawson. Do you think any of these performers will go on to win Season 12? (See the “AGT” winners list.) And are you fingers crossed for Jeki Yoo to return as a wild card act? Sound off down in the comments section below our poll.

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