‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Cuts 4 recap: Which act earned Seal’s Golden Buzzer?

Tuesday night, Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” aired the fourth episode of the final stage of the competition before the live shows begin. Performers presented their act in front of series judges Simon Cowell, Heidi KlumHowie Mandel and Mel B as well as guest judge musician Seal. Seal took over the special position that Laverne CoxChris Hardwick and DJ Khaled held in the last three weeks, having his own Golden Buzzer to overrule the other judges with and send his favorite act straight through.

Below, read our “Americas Got Talent” 2017 recap of the acts in the order in which they were showcased on Tuesday’s Judge Cuts 4 episode. Who are you most excited to see perform in the live shows? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts down in the comments section.

Artyon and Paige: In a turn-around from their first audition where Simon wasn’t a fan, Artyon and Paige won over everyone on the panel with their highly expressive performance of “Time of Our Life,” with only Howie slightly underwhelmed comparatively speaking.

Britt Saasan: Seal let Britt know that though she has a great voice and chose the perfect song, the nerves showed and in order to be a star she’ll have to get those under control. Simon echoed that, adding that it wasn’t the most memorable audition.

In the Stairwell: This a capella group stepped it from last time according to Howie with their performance of “Bye Bye Bye.” Seal, Simon and Mel were much higher on the group though, calling them memorable, adorable and awkward (in a good way!).

Will Tsai: Confused by his visual illusions (lighting candles, changing a rock into a fish), the judges were underwhelmed by Will’s act this time. Giving him a sign of hope, Simon said that he’d keep his spectacular first audition in mind when evaluating the finalists later on in the show.

Henry Richardson: In one of the most impressive magic acts I’ve seen on the show, Henry managed to make a stack of cards in Seal’s closed palms turn invisible and had a card signed live by Heidi someone show up hidden inside a snack cracked open by Howie. Needless to say the judges were left speechless.

Elena and Sasha: Elena may have sold herself short by prefacing their act as “dangerous,” but it was still impressive to see her balancing atop a pole balanced on Sasha’s forehead while using a bow and arrow with her feet to shoot a ballon.

Lost Legends: This theatrical fencing group of guys was buzzed by Simon who referred to them as amateurs worse than a medieval night act.

Nick Uhas: Simon also buzzed this “fun” scientist off the stage during a less than thrilling chemistry demonstration with Howie as an assistant.

Veronica Gonzalez: To round things off, Simon buzzed Veronica’s less than humorous puppet act off the stage as well.

Sirqus Alfon: In a shocking turn of events, this group that was buzzed by Simon in their first audition managed to win him over this time with a funny musical act that utilized a replay of audience participation playing air instruments projected on the screen behind them.

DaNell Daymon & Greater Works: For this audition the 42-person choir brought a band on stage for a roaring rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” that had Seal up on his feet clapping throughout. By the end, the entire panel and audience was on their feet as well.

Pompeyo Family Dogs: The Pompeyo family handled a pack of poodles as they performed circus tricks, jumped rope and danced across an old Western themed stage. Host Tyra Banks was especially impressed by how different and improved it was from the first time they performed.

Johnny Manuel: With how impressed the panel was with Johnny’s first audition, he had a high bar to meet this time around in order to stay in their good graces. Unfortunately, Simon thought he did himself a disservice by taking on a song as iconic as a Stevie Wonder hit, so instead had him do a verse from “I Have Nothing” which he sang last time. The way he handled Simon’s request without flinching convinced Seal of Johnny’s talent, giving him no other choice but to hit his Golden Buzzer and send him straight to the live shows.

Maria Popazova: In a return to form, Simon buzzed Maria’s acrobatic act of doing splits and minor dancing choreography within a glass ball elevated above the stage. Though the rest of the panel disagreed, Seal was on Simon’s side of the argument.

Maxim Popazov: Following his wife’s act, Maxim built a tower of chairs with himself on top and after spinning them around for a bit, did a full handstand. Simon was more impressed with Maxim’s daring act than he was with his wife, Maria’s.

German Cornejo Dance Company: Howie called this dance crew “sexy, fast and original,” echoing praise they received from Simon following their first audition.

The Honeybee-z Plus: Dancing to “Worth It,” this crew of women impressed Mel with their fun attitude.

Merrick Hanna: The judges loved Merrick this time as much as they did the first time, with Simon calling him not only cool, but also relevant.

Kechi: Kechi holds her audience captive every time she sings into the microphone and this performance was no different. Seal congratulated her on her “strength through vulnerability” and joined Howie in thanking her for coming to the show to sharing her gift with everyone.

At the end of the episode the judges deliberated on the 20 acts, tasked with narrowing the field down to only six more acts from the night that would join the Golden Buzzer 2017 picks in the live shows. They chose: In the Stairwell, Pompeyo Family Dogs, DaNell Daymon & Greater Works, Artyon and Paige, Merrick Hanna, and Kechi. Do you agree with their choices? Sound off below.

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