‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 2 recap: 11 more acts audition for the judges Tuesday night

“America’s Got Talent” continued auditions for its 12th season Tuesday night with 11 more acts performing in front of series judges Heidi KlumSimon CowellHowie Mandel and Mel B. In the audition phase of the show, acts perform in front of the panel, needing at least three judges to give them a “yes” vote in order to advance to the next round. If at least two judges buzz the act with their “X” button then the act is eliminated. A rare hit of the “golden buzzer” from the panel sends an act straight through to the live performances.

Below, read our “America’s Got Talent” Season 12, Episode 2 recap of the 11 acts in the order in which they were showcased on Tuesday’s episode:

Edna & Mia Moore: For the first act of the evening Edna brought her dog Mia to the stage to show her math skills to the judges. After some hesitation at the beginning Mia did in fact count, first responding to Edna asking her to count to “four” and “nineteen” (she barked that many times in both instances) and second reading a flash card that said “twenty” and barking twenty times. Blown away, the judges all voted yes for Edna and Mia to move on.

Diavolo: This performance crew of 20-30 year-olds and their creative director Jacques presented an acrobatic-dance routine using a secondary stage that teetered back and forth while the dancers balanced, flew from and did flips off of it. The daring nature of the act impressed all the judges equally, earning the group four yeses and a ticket to the next round.

Chase Goehring: Chase is a 21 year old singer-songwriter that came to “AGT” to perform one of his original songs, “Hurt.” Not only did Chase play the acoustic guitar, but as proof of his versatility he surprised by busting out into a rap for the second verse. As music industry influencers, Mel B and Simon were probably the hardest for Chase to impress, but they both agreed that he was authentic and original and joined Heidi and Howie in giving him four yeses to advance.

Jimmy Slonina: As a hand-balancing act, Jimmy was “supposed” to come on stage with a partner, but instead an inflatable doll descended from the ceiling to perform with him. The two did handstands and balancing, but the joke didn’t register for Simon or Heidi, both of whom buzzed the act. Howie and Mel B bought into the comedy routine and argued for Jimmy to advance, but Heidi and Simon held their ground to eliminate him.

Artyon & Paige: Dancing to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” this duo of an 8 and 9 year old did not impress Simon — in fact, he rolled his eyes as soon as the music cue began and buzzed them quickly. Standing in opposition to him, the other three judges championed the kids and gave them three yeses, enough to override Simon and send them to the next round.

Nick Uhas: Though it wasn’t mentioned on the show, Nick is a “Big Brother” alum (he was eliminated second on Season 15), but here he showed of his fascination with science by performing a set of experiments using the judges as subjects. He used balloons to make their voices deeper, chemicals in large beakers to make quick-expanding foam and a large garbage can to create an explosion of steam that dissolved down into dry ice across the stage. All four judges were entertained enough to say yes to him moving on.

Billy & Emily England: Simon recognized the brother and sister pair from their appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” essentially vouching for them before they even performed. But the rollerskating acrobats did not disappoint–high on the danger factor and even higher on the wow factor, all of the judges and the crowd were blown away by the act, making it an easy yes from everyone to see them off to the next round.

Angelica Hale: From the very first moment that Angelica opened her mouth to sing, her proclamation that she wanted to be the next Whitney Houston suddenly didn’t seem such a hard task. The power and range that came out of the 9 year old’s rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” is staggering. Not only did Angelica easily earn her four yeses, but she got a standing ovation from the audience and a showering of acclaim from the panel.

Azeri Brothers: Through cringing and utter shock from the audience, the self-described “superhuman” brothers completed the pain-defying tasks of slamming nails into wood, hammering them with their heads, balancing on top of one another with pitchforks and using an audience member to stand on a shovel placed at the throat of one of them. Both Heidi and Howie thought it was borderline torturous to watch and buzzed the pair, while Simon enjoyed it and Mel offered a yes on behalf of the audience members that did enjoy it. Mel’s move inspired Howie to ask the audience their opinion and though he really hated the act, the audience loved it and Howie gave them the third yes they needed to remain in the competition.

Colin Cloud: He claims to be a real life Sherlock Holmes, knowing intimate details and thoughts about complete strangers with very little information. To prove his claim, he guessed (correctly) the careers of some audience members and then in a mesmerizing final act revealed a white cat with an “Oscar” name tag that corresponded to words that the audience randomly shouted out at one point in the act. Colin moved on with support of all four judges.

Mandy Harvey: Before performing an original song, “Try,” Mandy told her story of having been a singer in her youth before losing her hearing and becoming legally deaf in both ears. Determined to not give up on her dream, Mandy re-taught herself to sing again and in front of audience on their feet for her, Mandy performed her song and earned an immediate golden buzzer push from Simon, sending her straight to the live shows.

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