‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 4 recap: Who made it to the next round, and who earned Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer?

“America’s Got Talent” continued auditions for its 12th season Tuesday night with 12 more acts performing in front of series judges Simon Cowell, Heidi KlumHowie Mandel and Mel B. In the audition phase of the show, acts perform in front of the panel, needing at least three judges to give them a “yes” vote in order to advance to the next round. If at least two judges buzz the act with their “X” button then the act is eliminated. A rare hit of the Golden Buzzer from the panel sends an act straight through to the live performances.

Below, read our “Americas Got Talent” Season 12, Episode 4 recap of the 12 acts in the order in which they were showcased on Tuesday’s episode. Who stood out and who received this week’s Golden Buzzer? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts down in the comments section.

Greater Works: The 44 members of this gospel choir hail from multiple cities across the country and rehearse with each other online so to find out that they work so well together with as much harmony as they have is surprising. More impressive though is the amount of raw energy and joy that erupted from them as a group and, less surprisingly, the judges agreed and sent them to the next round with full support.

J.J. Phillips: J.J.’s rock-n-roll keyboard performance got the entire audience on their feet and clapping with him, but the judges weren’t feeling it as much. Heidi was the only one to buzz him off the stage, having hoped for more to the performance than just playing the keyboard. Mel and Howie both stood up for him and gave him a yes vote, leaving it up to Simon to make the decision and he joined the majority to send him through.

Light Balance: Dance crews aren’t a new thing to talent competitions, so what Light Balance does to set themselves apart is use neon lights on their costumes to choreograph a dance routine with a light show on top of it. Performed in the dark to maximum effect, the Ukrainian crew blew everyone away, including host Tyra Banks who descended to the judges’ dais to slam the Golden Buzzer and send them straight to the live show.

Anthony Penoso: Anthony is an attorney whose dream in life is to have a #1 song that he’s written, but beyond that he also sees himself winning a Grammy, going triple platinum and entering the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Sadly his dreams are unlikely to begin with “AGT” because all four judges had buzzed him off the stage by the time he was only a few bars into the song.

Just Jerk Crew: Because all men in South Korea have to serve in the national army when they reach a certain age, Just Jerk Crew came to “AGT” as a sort of farewell performance as a crew. The group excelled at isolation, synchronization and intricacy, aspects that made Howie declare them one of the best dance crews that series has ever seen. All four judges ecstatically gave them a yes so their goodbye is delayed at least until the next round.

Celine Tam: Named after Celine Dion because her parents love her so much, 9-year-old Celine took the stage with one thing on her mind — to become the next Celine Dion. With a bright smile and a bold voice, Celine took on and completely played “My Heart Will Go On,” bringing the audience and the judges to their feet with thunderous applause. With that, it probably doesn’t need to be said that Celine will be performing again in the next round.

Men with Pans: Simon and Mel were not into this act of two men, dressed as chefs, who re-entered the stage for their audition nude except for two cooking pans each which they used to cover themselves while dancing and doing light acrobatics with one another across the stage. Part shock value and part comedy routine, Men with Pans may be a buzzworthy addition to the show, but with two buzzes it took pleading from Heidi and the audience to convince Mel to take hers back and send the duo through.

Godfathers: This foursome of strong men put together a series of dangerous balancing acts, often using only each other as support. In their most impressive moment they were standing four men tall with the guy on top holding himself up on top of the third guy’s head by only one arm. It’ll be interesting to see what the group brings to the stage next when they perform with the full support of the judges in the second round.

Robert Nash: First and foremost a Robert De Niro impersonator, Robert also threw in predictable and cheesy impersonations of Jack Nicholson, John Travolta and Christopher Walken before transitioning into the “point” of his audition which was reading “Wise Guy Nursery Rhymes.” But no one was buying it and Robert was swiftly ushered off stage with only one sympathy yes from Howie.

Tom London: For Tom, magic was a way of connecting with other kids in school when he felt less cool than them. He’s been obsessed with magic from a very young age and and found new inspiration later in life when he finally merged that with his other passion, technology. Using random audience members, personal information from the judges’ lives and a white board and marker, Tom left the panel speechless with a single predictive magic trick and received unanimous support to move on to the next round.

Bello Nock: After a montage of sad clowns that just made Simon angry, took the stage as a clown, but referring to himself as a comic daredevil. Bello’s goal is to show that clowns are more than just a bunch of jokesters so he brought a swaying pole, almost as high as the theater, to the stage, climbed it and then swung from the top of it out over the audience and the panel, at one point while upside down and hanging on just by his feet. Once again the vote came down to Mel after Heidi and Howie voted yes and Simon voted no, and with promises of more dangerous acts Bello was able to not only get Mel’s vote, but also Simon’s!

Evie Clair: Pushing through an emotional introductory conversation with Simon about her father, who is battling cancer, Evie capped the show off in typical fashion with a stunning rendition of Christina Perri‘s inspirational song “Arms.” At only 13 years of age, Evie showed the bravery and maturity of a singer much more senior than her and that’s why the judges has no choice but to send her to the next stage of the competition with four yeses.

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