‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 5 recap: Which of Tuesday’s 13 acts earned a spot in the next round?

“America’s Got Talent” continued auditions for its 12th season Tuesday night with 13 more acts performing in front of series judges Simon Cowell, Heidi KlumHowie Mandel and Mel B. In the audition phase of the show, acts perform in front of the panel, needing at least three judges to give them a “yes” vote in order to advance to the next round. A rare hit of the Golden Buzzer sends an act straight through to the live performances.

Below, read our “Americas Got Talent” Season 12, Episode 5 recap of the 13 acts in the order in which they were showcased on Tuesday’s episode. Who stood out? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts down in the comments section.

Henry Richardson: Henry became interested in magic because of the show, growing up watching it with his father up until he passed away due to lung cancer. Now 15 years old, he took the stage as a full-fledged magician living out a dream of both him and his late father. The confidence and charisma that Henry works with is remarkable, especially for his age, and his card trick performed at the judges’ table was just as impressive. Henry is one to watch this season because I think he’ll win over the audience now that the judges sent him on to the next round.

Maxim and Maria Popazov: Though Maxim and Maria both performed as their own act, they showed similar talents involving hand balancing and impressed the judges equally to advance to the next round. In an amazing and daring display, Maxim stacked dining room table chairs on top of each other, at one point five high and split off into two towers while balancing at the top of them on his hands. Maria’s act was a little less daring, but no less amazing. While balancing on her hands atop two curved poles she contorted her body in unimaginable ways and then capped it off by using only her mouth to balance her entire body.

The Masqueraders: This trio has been together since 1959 when they were in high school and described what it was like to work through segregation and the civil rights era of mid-century. For their audition they sang Sam Cooke‘s “A Change Is Gonna Come” to a roaring standing ovation from the crowd. Proud of the men for having never given up their dream and for putting on a fabulous show, Heidi led the charge to give the group the four yeses they needed to advance to the next stage of the competition.

Deuntay Diggs: Entering the competition to show the country that cops can let loose and have fun, Deuntay performed a dance routine that was not heroic according to the judges. In fact, Deuntay wasn’t even able to complete his routine before all four judges hit their buzzers and eliminated him from the competition.

Sara and Hero: For this woman and dog act, Sara playfully “battled” Hero in a choreographed duel where the two of them traded off possession of a small sword and performed tricks like jumps and backwards passes. Howie and Mel liked the act, but think that there is room for improvement while Simon was much more enamored. After both Howie and Mel gave them a no, Simon got up on stage to plead that one of them change their mind so that they could advance for another chance.

Johnny Manuel: Johnny began his career with life-changing opportunities like signing a record deal at a young age and touring with NSYNC only to be unceremoniously dropped from his label for no reason. His audition for “AGT” is like a second chance for him to present his music to the world. And he did just that in a powerful performance of Whitney Houston‘s typically untouchable “I Have Nothing.” Referred to as “incredible” across the board, Johnny easily moved on to the next round.

Amazing Hoover: The only thing funny about this comedy act was trying to figure out what was supposed to be impressive about it. Amazing Hoover played music on odd items to the complete bewilderment of the judges who one by one buzzed him off stage.

Sirqus Alfon: Using a big screen projection to mirror a comedic and clever circus act that they were performing while laying on their backs on the stage. Simon was unimpressed and called them one of the stupidest acts of the season, but in the end the trio picked up the three yeses they needed to advance from the other judges.

Final Draft: Hailing from Atlanta, these four guys consider themselves not only a singing group but a family. From the very first note of their vocal, the crowd was cheering and the judges seemed stunned with amazement. In critiquing the group, the judges noted the passion and genuineness with which they perform, giving them an enthusiastic and unanimous welcome into the next round.

Oskar and Gaspar: When asked by host Tyra Banks what they’ll be performing, the three men introducing the elusive artists “Oskar and Gaspar” regretted to tell her that it was a surprise. Because of her interest in Halloween, the men invited Heidi on stage to assist with their audition that involved Heidi left in the dark in nothing but a white jumpsuit that was used as the screen to present a series of incredibly realistic computer animated images. Though there wasn’t much to the performance, all four judges agreed that it was one of the most creative acts the show has ever seen and invited them to perform again in the next round.

Vinny Grosso: A magician who has had to put his dream on hold in order to be a father, Vinny came to the stage with a whole lot of antics for a rather simple card trick. His antics involved bringing Howie on stage to pick a card and then vouch that Vinny wasn’t wired (after stripping naked on stage) before correctly guessing the card he chose. Because of his charm and entertainment value the judges agreed that he deserved a chance to show more of his tricks in the next round.

Carlos De Antonis: As a cab driver in Miami, Carlo says he sings to his passengers on a daily basis and came to “AGT” on the recommendation of one of them. For his audition he showcased his phenomenal voice in a flawless opera performance. Of all the standing ovations on Tuesday’s episode, Carlos received the longest and loudest of them all, causing Carlos to tear up as the judges showered him with praise and four yeses to advance to the next round.

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