Audience Network ships first multi-program FYC box to Emmy voters

DirecTV’s Audience Network just got a jump on Emmy rivals by sending the first multi-program mailer to voters, featuring contenders “You Me Her,” “Kingdom,” “ICE” and more.

“Being the first Emmy box out was important so that voters can sample Audience Network programs before the deluge next month” when TV academy members will  be flooded by hundreds of DVDs from other contenders, says veteran awards consultant Richard Licata.

The package’s cover showcases the words “Never Ordinary” stamped in elegant silver letters set amidst an explosion of glass. Licata explains: “The look and finish needed to feel as big as shows like ‘Kingdom,’ ‘You Me Her,’ ‘ICE’ and Garth Brooks’ concert special, so we created the glass art completely in post and layered transformative printing effects like holographic foil. The spot varnish and cold foil stamping added the right amount of shimmer.” The stylish box was designed by AT&T Entertainment Creative Group.

Getting programs into the hands of Emmy voters early can be crucial, as Licata proved most dramatically at Showtime in 2005 when he shipped DVDs of “Huff” in January, resulting in seven nominations and two wins (supporting actress Blythe Danner and Best Main Title Design).

More recent Emmy campaigns proved it’s also key to cater to the modern media appetite for binge-watching. Therefore, the Audience Network’s mailer includes something rarely given to voters: full seasons of series’ episodes.

DVDs featured:

“You Me Her” – Comedy series starring Greg Poehler as an adventurous husband in a provocative three-way relationship with his wife and an escort.

“ICE” – Upscale drama takes behind-the-scenes peek at power plays in the Los Angeles diamond industry. Stars Jeremy Sisto, Cam Gigandet,  Donald Sutherland.

“Kingdom” – Family drama set in the world of mixed martial arts, starring Frank Grillo, Jonathan Tucker, Nick Jonas.

“Garth Brooks Yankee Stadium Live” – Audience Network’s first original concert premiere across all AT&T platforms, delivered in 4K viewing.

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