‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 6 recap: Corinne Olympios interview by Chris Harrison

On the August 29 episode of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison sat down with contestant Corinne Olympios to talk about the reasons she left the show earlier this season. Corinne, who was a past contestant on “The Bachelor,” spent more time defending DeMario than giving her side of the story. In her recollection, she blacked out from drinking too much alcohol while on medication, thereby making her encounter with DeMario a complete blur.

Among the other highlights on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Daniel arrives and let’s the audience know that he’s no longer a Canadian eagle: he’s a wolf. Lacey is immediately overcome with desire for this hungry little cub, even though he coarsely refers to all of these women as “leftovers.” Really, is this guy the best we could do?

Then it’s onto the rose ceremony, where we’re slowly watching Jessica’s mental decline. She’s eating raw fish as Matt makes a surprise return to give her a rose before leaving for good.

Jack Stone gives his rose to Christen, Jessica’s mortal enemy. Derek gives his to Taylor, Robby awards his to Amanda, and Diggy hands his to Dominique. Resolving the love triangles, Adam gives his rose to Raven and Dean gives his to Kristina. But then Ben Z. gives his to Danielle L., keeping the Dean-Kristina-Danielle triangle alive and kicking.

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Later, Dean tells Kristina she’s the the safe choice, but he’s really attracted to Danielle L. and wants to see if he can get it on with her before committing to anything. Kristina, hear my plea: you grew up in an orphanage in Russia. You don’t need this crap. Find a nice guy who isn’t looking for love on reality TV. Trust me, there are lots of them.

Oh, and the Tickle Monster from Rachel’s season just arrived in paradise to give joy and laughter to all. Good lord. This almost makes me miss “The Bachelorette.”

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