Reactions to BAFTA: Forum posters cheer for Dev Patel (‘Lion’), jeer ‘Moonlight’ shut-out

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who hide their identities behind screen names, are busy commenting on Sunday’s SAG Film Awards. They are most excited about the surprise win for Dev Patel (“Lion”) and the expected victories for Viola Davis (“Fences”) and Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the Sea”).

They are also miffed by the complete shut-out of “Moonlight” from all categories, and the predictable love thrown to “La La Land” in Best Picture and Emma Stone in Best Actress.

Below, just a sampling of what they had to say about the top races at the 2017 BAFTAs. Take a read and then join in the discussion, if you dare.

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Eddy Q: “Moonlight” shut-out. 🙁

LeChienne: My only hope for the season of Blah Blah Bland is that in a few years voters will realize how overrated it was. I’m not just a twatty hater. I’m THE twatty hater.

GusCruz: The LLL love at the end was a bummer, but overall a great awards show. Spreading the wealth is the way to go.

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BEST DIRECTOR: Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

Eddy Q: Looks like “La La Land” is winning BP after all.

BEST ACTOR: Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”

LeChienne: Casey,,,my heart is full. Even if this is the last major award he wins, I’ll rest easy

Moviebuff22: CASEY!

salvador: Am I the only one not in awe of Affleck’s work?? I mean, his was a competent performance, but I kept thinking there was something missing, like it was lacking in emotion. IMO the actors in “Moonlight” gave much better subtle and internal performances.

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BEST ACTRESS: Emma Stone, “La La Land”

erenjaeger: ugh Emma Stone

GusCruz: Predictable win by Stone. Two-way race at the Oscar between BAFTA winner and the one that would have won BAFTA if eligible.

salvador: I really wish she doesn’t win the Oscar. I mean, just because of the amount of backlash she will get… She has already proven herself as a good actress, but it really is too early in her career for an Oscar win (and this is coming from a fan of her performance in “La La Land”)

kazzia: Yes for Emma. I’m a big fan of since “Paper Man”

2017 BAFTA Awards: ‘La La Land’ wins 5 including Best Picture, ‘Moonlight’ shut out


Cyrus Cassells: After seeing the surprisingly powerful and and beautiful “Lion” recently, I’ve had the feeling that Dev Patel was going to win at least one major acting award for supporting actor: intuition confirmed!

Justmimusicmon: Yayyyy Dev! Hot win for papi.

salvador: OMG we’re actually gonna get an exciting Oscar night in the acting categories!

Moviebuff22: Patel! Dope

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GusCruz: Only Viola is a lock

salvador: I’m really looking forward to watching “Fences,” if only for her performance.

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