‘Bates Motel’ episode 4 recap: Did Norman’s death toll rise in ‘Hidden’?

Bates Motel” pondered what is real and what isn’t in its fourth episode of the season, “Hidden.” This week found the increasingly beleaguered Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) looking for love with shop girl Madeline Loomis (Isabelle McNally) but still fighting off the memory of his murdered mother. That fight crossed over from a mental battle into an actual brawl as Norman came to blows with the memory of his dead mother (Vera Farmiga.)

Below, check out the Top 5 moments from “Bates Motel” Season 5, Episode 4.

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Norman and Norma come to blows
While in the woods late at night trying to hide the evidence from their latest crime Norman is driven to the brink by his alter ego dead mother and physical attacks the memory in his mind. The scene also provided what has become known as a “Norma freak out” which is a moment where Vera Farmiga gets to really let loose and go a bit crazy as Norma Bates.

Romero survives
Sheriff Romero continues his journey out of prison and back to town to avenge Norma’s murder by Norman. Romero’s endurance can’t be doubted since in tonight’s show he survived a gunshot to the abdomen and even surgically removed the bullets from himself. Norman has been alerted to Romero’s prison escape by a new police woman (Brooke Smith) who has begun snooping around the motel.

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Norman tries to turn Megan into Norma
In an effort to move on from his mother’s death Norman is cleaning out his house and disposing of a lot of his mother’s possessions. He finds he has an attachment to some of his mother’s old dresses and instead of disposing of him he brings them to Megan who agrees to wear them.

Norman matches wits with the new Sheriff
In a scene reminiscent of the “Psycho” film, Norman grants access to the motel registry to Sheriff Jane Greene who proves to be quite the intellectual equal of the scheming Norman.

Norman dines with Madeline
Norman tells Megan that it is often hard to tell what is real and what isn’t in relationships. We the audience then experience that confusion when Norman kisses Madeline and that passion releases the homicidal rage of his Norma alter ego. Norma emerges to slash Madeline’s throat but it is eventually revealed that this is just a vision of Norman’s and Madeline has actually survived the encounter.

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