‘Bates Motel’ episode 7 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘Inseparable’ include Norman and Dylan’s fight

Freddie Highmore did double duty on this the seventh episode of “Bates Motel’s” final season, serving not only in his usual role as series star but also as writer of the teleplay. Things are quieting down a bit at the motel after last week saw the brutal recreation of the “Psycho” shower murder sequence and the death of Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols) in that shower. Highmore has provided an overall nicely suspenseful episode in this his second time out as a writer for the series. Below, see our recap of the Top 5 moments from “Bates Motel” Season 5, Episode 7.

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The shower cleanup — The Norma (Vera Farmiga) character on “Bates Motel” has always walked a fine line between drama and camp-horror comedy and having the character now be addressing Norman from the dead has only freed the writers to play with this dichotomy even more. A nice comic moment played out this week with Norman standing aghast at the carnage he has caused in the cabin bathroom, only to have Norma show up with buckets and mops in hand and getting on his case for wasting water. Norma after all seems to be just your average homemaker, trying to run a neat business despite the occasional guest who turns up slashed to pieces.

Slapping in the car — Tensions are running high for Norman and Norma as Sheriff Green (Brooke Smith) locates a body in the lake where the Bates have been stashing their dead. Norman is beginning to stand up to mother now and after a huge slap to the face from Norma, Norman immediately returns the slap.

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The burial — Norman begins to fear that Sheriff Green will soon locate the remains of Norma in the Bates residence, so he takes it upon himself to re-bury his mother. In a scene reminiscent of Snow White, Norma is beautifully laid to rest in a wooded area near the Bates Motel.

Dylan returns home — Dylan (Max Thieriot) has learned of his mother’s death and returns to see what is going on at his former home. The scenes between Dylan and Norman take an interesting tone in that Dylan is not filled with rage and accusations toward Norman, but instead seems to genuinely love his brother and is filled with concern for his mental health.

Norman battles Norma to save Dylan — Perhaps as a way to return the love Dylan has shown him, Norman prevents Norma (or more actually the Norma side of his personality) from harming Dylan. A visually inventive fight scene sees Norman battling himself on the kitchen table and then dialing 911 and admitting it was he who killed Sam Loomis in the shower. Only three more episodes remain until the Bates Motel closes for business.

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