Yes, Vera Farmiga (‘Bates Motel’) should compete in supporting race at Emmys

It’s unanimous – all respondents to a Gold Derby poll believe “Bates Motel” star Vera Farmiga should drop down to the supporting race at the Emmys after competing in lead for four seasons.

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Farmiga was nominated for Best Drama Actress for the first season of “Bates Motel,” but thereafter she failed to make the cut. Now she and her network chiefs plan to submit her in supporting, which seems like a less competitive category, but the new strategy has risks. What if Emmy voters see the demotion as a sign that they can discount her performance in general? After all, her character Norma Bates was dead this TV season. However, I don’t think her fate really detracted too much from Norma’s presence on screen. In fact, Norma continued to have big emotional scenes while appearing as a figment of her son Norman’s demented imagination. In many scenes, Norma and Norman were even interchangeable.

But several Gold Derby posters disagree in our forum, claiming Farmiga had substantially less screen time this year. “She hasn’t had much this season,” says Samuel Christopher.

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“The show got two nominations last year,” adds Hunterbergfeld in our forum discussion. “Music and cinematography. Those were the first nominations since Farminga’s sole nomination in season one. Does that mean that the show is starting to gain ground at the Emmys? Also, it helps that this is its final season, and that bump could help Farminga to get a good-bye nomination.”

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