‘Big Brother 19’: Will Cody and Jessica get married? [POLL]

Big Brother” breakout star Cody Nickson was evicted from the house for a second time on Thursday’s live episode. In his post-exit interview with Julie Chen, he readily admitted that he wanted to marry fellow housemate Jessica Graf. While Nickson quickly answered Chen’s query as to whether he will pop the question, he then covered his mouth to signal that he had said too much.

Jessica has been out of the house for a week but she has kept tabs on her new fellow by following the live feeds. And she takes to Twitter to comment on every episode. We know that she is hopeful that the two can continue to see each other. However, when asked directly, she sounded a cautionary note about rushing down the aisle, preferring to “take it one step at a time.”

Jessica certainly was busy on Twitter on Thursday night, as she retweeted a slew of well wishers who are hoping for a wedding. Do you think Cody and Jessica will get married?

Are they in it for the long haul like Jeff and Jordan (season 11) and Rachel and Brendon (season 12, 13) or is this a showmance that will soon fizzle?

Vote in our poll below and then be sure to make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

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