‘Big Brother’ 19 elimination predictions: Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson and Jason Dent still on the block — who will be evicted?

The motto for “Big Brother” is “expect the unexpected,” and Wednesday night viewers were delivered the unexpected when the installment which regularly shows the Power of Veto meeting didn’t. That’s why, heading into Thursday night’s live eviction, three houseguests remain on the block — it’s Battle Back winner Cody Nickson vs. Halting Hex temptation holder Jessica Graf vs. Temptation Competition biggest loser Jason Dent. Head of Household Paul Abrahamian‘s target is Cody, and though Jessica has threatened to use the Hex to halt the eviction she is now considering it might be best for her game to let the house send Cody packing.

As of this writing, in our exclusive “Big Brother” odds, Jessica is the most predicted to be eliminated this week with 4/1 odds. Cody trails with 6/1 odds of his own and Jason is a longer shot with 14/1 odds. Common sense dictates that Paul, the Power of Veto winner, will remove his ally Jason from the block, leaving Cody and Jessica to face Thursday’s vote. Common sense would also dictate that with one of them destined to be evicted, Jessica would use the Hex to prevent that. But the “Big Brother” house is not typically governed by common sense.

Paul has already shown an incredible amount of influence in the house — last week he blindsided Jessica by turning the house against her pawn Ramses Soto instead of falling in live to evict her target Josh Martinez. This week his story is that he nominated Jessica and Cody so that they’d be forced to prove the veracity of her Hex claims, but now that he believes it to be real he’s trying to persuade her not to use it and let the house send Cody home in order to free her from her association with his bad reputation. Working the same angle privately with Jessica is Christmas Abbott, one of Paul’s original and closest allies.

Unlike Paul, Jessica is short on her own group of allies. Only Cody is firmly in her corner and while Elena Davies has worked closely with Jess, this week she’s watering seeds of her own new secret alliance with Paul that may, at some point, come into conflict with her relationship to Jess. Jessica hears and more or less agrees with Paul and Christmas that Cody is hindering her game, but with so few people promising to protect her it’s risky to open the door for Cody to go home.

The other thing for Jessica to consider is that the house is lying to her — there is the potential that though they’re telling her they’ll evict Cody that they actually evict her instead. From the house’s perspective, both Cody and Jessica are neutralized if one of them leaves this week. The bigger question is how big of a threat the one that stays will be going forward — and, honestly, the answer to that is kind of easy. While Cody is a beast in competitions, his social game is one of the weakest in the house. Jessica, however, has survived endurance comps, won a Temptation vote from America and has proven to be a better strategist.

So, many questions remain heading into Thursday’s live show. Will Paul save Jason with the POV? Does Jessica decide to let the house evict Cody? And if so, will the house actually evict him or will they vote out Jessica instead? Who do YOU think will be evicted this week? Be sure to update your own predictions in our season-long event and then let us know what you think in the comments.

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