‘Big Brother’ 19 elimination predictions: Will Josh Martinez or Ramses Soto be evicted Thursday night?

After evading eviction as a nominee last week, Jessica Graf has rebounded to sit in the most powerful position on “Big Brother,” but that power will be transferred to the other houseguests Thursday night when they vote to evict either Josh Martinez or Ramses Soto. Jessica’s target for eviction is Josh, but does the house have plans of their own? Let’s take a closer look at the odds each guy has of keeping their spot in the house for another week.

As of this writing, in our exclusive “Big Brother” odds, Ramses at 11/2 odds is narrowly ahead of Josh with 13/2 odds as the more likely nominee to be evicted this week. If the odds stick and are true to the actual results, Jessica and her in-house boo Cody Nickson are in for a blindside Thursday night that will once again put them on the losing side of the house. In nominating Ramses and Josh in the first place, Jessica hoped that she would rebuild some of the trust she and Cody lost with their former allies during his HOH reign of terror.

Taking that easy road was an interesting decision for Jessica considering she went from possible evictee last week to arguably one of the most powerful HOHs in “Big Brother” history this week. Over the course of one week Jessica has had her closest ally return to the game in the Battle Back, won Head of Household, won Power of Veto and obtained the Halting Hex which will stop an eviction from going through. Needless to say, the choice of who goes home this week was entirely in her hands.

That being said, as is true with all HOHs, their power is only a guiding post for the rest of the houseguests who ultimately get to vote on one of the two nominees and determine who actually walks out of the house. In that regard, Jessica’s power to evict her target Josh is only superficial. Instead it looks like one of her biggest enemies in the house, Paul Abrahamian, will decide.

All week Paul has been holding secret meetings with various factions of the house, attempting to convince them that if Jessica and Cody are truly their opposition then keeping Josh in the house is a good move. Paul’s argument is to allow Josh to remain in the house and antagonize Jessica and Cody by evicting Ramses, someone none of them have strong ties to, instead.

At one point after winning the POV for herself, Jessica debated whether or not she should remove Ramses from the block at put up Alex Ow instead. She had growing suspicions that perhaps the house had other plans for the eviction and smartly deduced that if she were in their shoes she’d want Josh to remain so that he could continue to push their buttons. In a pivotal conversation with Cody, he convinced her that leaving the nominations the same would create less friction in the house and go a long ways to showing that they want to work with the house rather than against them.

It turns out Jessica’s gut feeling was on the nose and what she is worried the house might do is exactly what Paul had been planning to do all week. But whether or not Paul’s movement gains enough steam and votes to evict Ramses instead of Josh remains a mystery until Thursday night. Who do YOU think will be evicted this week? Be sure to update your own predictions in our season-long event and then let us know what you think in the comments.

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