‘Big Brother’ 19: Should Jason Dent be expelled for rape joke involving Kevin Schlehuber’s entire family? [POLL]

Big Brother” contestant Jason Dent has come under fire for comments he made on Monday that were captured by viewers of CBS’s 24-hour live feeds. In a disgraceful moment for the reality TV show, the 38-year-old rodeo clown from Humeston, IA made an inexcusable rape joke involving fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber‘s entire family. Watch the NSFW video above, with Jason’s comments beginning at the 1:52 mark.

Here’s what went down, in a nutshell. After Jason threatened to put Kevin up on the block as replacement nominee, he was worried about retaliation from the 56-year-old Boston, MA native. Even though Jason didn’t end up nominating Kevin — read our “Big Brother” recap of the dramatic Veto ceremony — his friendship with Kevin looks to be over, based on Jason’s profanity-laden tirade to alliance members Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian.

“If he puts me and Alex up, or me and you up, or some bull**** like that, I’ll f***ing make him lose his brain,” Jason was caught whispering to Alex and Paul. “I’ll call that motherf***er every name in the book. I’m gonna f*** your wife when I get out of here. I’m gonna tie all your daughters up and make ’em f***ing watch, you piece of –” Jason didn’t end up finishing his threat because he was laughing too hard.

Should “Big Brother” producers step in and expel Jason from the Season 19 house for his vile joke? It wouldn’t be the first time CBS got involved, as in previous seasons they removed both Justin Sebik and Chima Simone from the game. Earlier this season another “Big Brother” houseguest, Josh Martinez, was in hot water for being too much of a bully to the other players. Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below our poll.

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