‘Big Brother’ 19 power rankings: Final 8 are forced to turn on each other, but Paul Abrahamian stays on top

With this week’s eviction of Mark Jansen from “Big Brother” Season 19, the game will finally force the alliance of eight that has rules the house so far to turn on one another. Veteran player Paul Abrahamian has been at the top of that alliance since he entered the house, carefully maneuvering back and forth between multiple power couples. With Paul keen to sit back and let those duos get all the blood on their hands, he heads into what could be the most turbulent week of the house sitting as pretty as before.

Which couple will win an all-important endurance-based Head of Household comp and get the opportunity to strike first? The answer to that will determine exactly where the power, and Paul’s allegiance, shifts to next. Below is our seventh power ranking of the season including the eight players still in the game. Read my thoughts on each of the players, listed from the most powerful to the least, and then update your predictions for Thursday’s live episode.

1. Paul Abrahamian (even)
2. Christmas Abbott (+3 spots)
3. Josh Martinez (+1 spot)

One of the biggest revelations in the last week of episodes is that Paul currently considers Christmas and Josh his ideal final three alliance. Up until now I had imagined that it was Alex and Jason because that’s who he’s been making most of his decisions with, but in reality that never made sense because either of them could easily defeat him in front of a jury. Christmas and Josh, on the other hand, have much more bad blood with the four earliest members of the jury and would enter the finale at a severe disadvantage, even compared to a vet. Paul did Christmas and Josh a huge solid this week without them even knowing it by expertly pitting the Alex + Jason pair against the Matt + Raven pair, but more than that he got each to agree that they should be taken with them to a final five scenario. At this point, it’s almost laughable how the three most powerful people don’t even have to win comps to slide straight to the finals — everyone else is just willing to string them along to the finish line.

4. Kevin Schlehuber (+4 spots)
5. Raven Walton (+2 spots)

Speaking of players that don’t have to do anything to stay safe, Kevin and Raven seem to be less vulnerable now than they were in the last couple weeks. In Kevin’s case, the shiftiness that made Alex and Paul wary of him seems to have dissipated — at one point his name was tossed around as an option for eviction instead of Mark! But now the focus will be on breaking up the three pairs, leaving Kevin as a tool/vote for them to use against one another. For Raven, she’s bodyguarded by her knight in a shining blue T-shirt, Matt, as long as he’s in the house with her. I have every reason to believe that in the event that Matt and Raven are the next nominees that Matt will literally sacrifice himself to keep her in the house — he might even go as far as winning the Power of Veto and pulling her off the block instead of himself. And he’d do it proudly! Cue eye roll.

6. Alex Ow (-4 spots)
7. Jason Dent (-4 spots)
8. Matthew Clines (even)

That leaves Alex, Jason and Matt as the most vulnerable heading into this week of unknown power. Between the two of them, Alex and Jason have won six power comps — Alex’s two HOHs and one POV and Jason’s two POVs and one HOH — making them the most competitive pair of the remaining three. That puts a huge target on their back and I’d guess that if anyone other than them wins this HOH that they’ll be the two nominees. That being said, it is an endurance comp and Alex is the exact type of competitor that usually wins those. Matt, on the other hand, is the least competitive player in the house (and admittedly so), and while he might not be a threat in that regard he’s a threat because he is ride or die for Raven. The thought process is that if Raven were eliminated before Matt that he has greater potential of turning up the gas and winning comps than she does if he’s evicted first, so it makes most sense to get him out instead of her. And, again, all signs point to him being willing to self-evict before he lets the house vote her out anyway so if Alex and Jason wins HOH, I can’t imagine a scenario where Matt isn’t happily gliding out the front door on his white horse.

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