‘Big Brother’ 19 power rankings: Jessica Graf accepts unprecedented temptation of the Halting Hex

This week on “Big Brother” Season 19, the last power from the Den of Temptation was offered (and accepted) by Jessica Graf, giving her the unprecedented option of stopping a live eviction in any of the next three weeks. At the same time, last week’s highest-ranked power player, Paul Abrahamian, loses the four-week immunity he was tempted with in the first week of the game.

How have these twists shaken up our weekly power rankings? Below is my second power ranking of the season including the 12 players still in the game. Read my thoughts on each of the players, listed from the most powerful to the least, and then update your predictions in our season-long event.

1. Jessica Graf (+12 spots)

Any way you slice it, the power Jessica has holding the Halting Hex for the next three weeks is unmatched. Not only can she prevent herself from being eliminated, but she can instead choose to stop the elimination of one of her allies, a move that could go a long way to earning trust back with former friends. My guess is that it won’t take long for the house to figure out that Jessica won the temptation and/or for her to admit to it. Once it’s known, it could put her in danger, but by laying low this past week she’s proven that she knows that sometimes keeping a low profile is a better strategy than all out war.

2. Alex Ow (+1 spot)
3. Jason Dent (+6 spots)

Most outgoing Heads of Household have a tough time re-integrating back into the house, but what Alex proved with her reign is that she was willing to sacrifice making personal moves for taking out someone that the entire house wanted out. That Dominique Cooper was evicted in a unanimous vote (read Dominique’s exit interview) means that no one will be looking to get revenge on Alex like they did the week following Cody Nickson‘s reign. Alex’s right-hand man, Jason, should easily reap the same benefits as Alex this week and has probably fallen off of most radars for the time being.

4. Christmas Abbott (-2 spots)
5. Raven Walton (even)
6. Ramses Soto (+6 spots)
7. Kevin Schlehuber (+3 spots)

One thing we learned during Alex’s HOH is the set of players that no one is threatened by. Chief among those non-threats are Christmas, sidelined in most competitions for the foreseeable future because of her surgery, and Raven who was an option as a Veto replacement as a way of securing votes against Dom. Last week, I thought that both Ramses and Kevin could get themselves into hot water because of hinky votes and/or unclear motivations in the game, but this week neither came up as a name to be nominated so for now I think any heat generated by their earlier actions has cooled off.

8. Paul Abrahamian (-7 spots)

One player whose threat level hasn’t cooled off is Paul’s. In fact, now that he’s no longer immune from nomination, Paul will have skyrocketed to the top of most people’s hit list for eviction. What keeps Paul in power, however, is a budding alliance with Alex and Jason and an existing working relationship with the couples alliances Maven and Marlena. But the Battle Back comp will have the most impact on Paul’s game because if Cody or Dominique come back they’ll have their aim set squarely on his and only his back.

9. Elena Davies (-2 spots)
10. Matthew Clines (-6 spots)
11. Mark Jansen (-5 spots)

Alex’s HOH was a tough one for the couples alliances, specifically for Mark and Elena (Marlena). At the start of the week Elena was in a pact with Alex to keep anyone she wished safe from nomination. By the end of the week Alex had doubled back on that, first by nominating Dominique and second by suggesting that Mark be a replacement nom option should the Power of Veto be used. Adding fuel to the fire against the couples, Mark got into a lengthy and aggressive fight with Josh that shined a light on the cracks within what was once the dominant alliance in the house. Matthew, for the purposes of this ranking, is simply guilty by association and is a significantly more dangerous player to keep around than Raven.

12. Josh Martinez (-4 spots)

There is no way Josh escaped the fight with Mark without another blemish to his reputation. Confrontational players don’t usually last very long in the “Big Brother” house and Josh has already been in the middle of numerous altercations with a variety of players. If he doesn’t reel in his temper, it’s only a matter of time before the house is exhausted by the outbursts and unites to evict him for the sole purpose of making their lives more calm.

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