Is ‘Big Brother’ 19 the worst season of all time? Paul’s betrayals, Josh’s bullying, boring houseguests … [VOTE NOW]

Big Brother” Season 19 is finally coming to an end, and after a summer of bullying, betrayals and boring houseguests, viewers of the reality TV show are conflicted. Some fans have criticized it as the worst season of the show, thanks in part to returning player Paul Abrahamian effortlessly controlling the entire house. People have cried that Paul has had unfair advantages, giving him a clear path to the $500,000 grand prize — most notably the three weeks of immunity at the beginning of the season. (With less than a week go, Paul leads our predictions to win with 8/11 odds.) Is this the worst “Big Brother” season of all time? Vote now in our poll below.

“Big Brother” is known for its game play with contestants doing whatever it takes to win. Some of the most memorable moments of the game are contestants being blindsided and doing whatever it takes to win a competition. Another complaint of this season has been the complete lack of game play with housemates throwing multiple competitions, often because Paul wanted them to. The house has even been compared to a pack of sheep following his every command. The season lacked nail-biting competitions and many of the eviction votes were unanimous.

On top of predictable game play the season has also been criticized for a house of unlikable contestants. Not since the racist firestorm of “Big Brother” 15 has a season been plagued with so much online controversy. First, there was a petition to have Paul removed from the game after an attempt to harass another contestant with a blackface / snake hybrid costume.

Later on fans were appalled by the remarks of cowboy Jason Dent who made a highly offensive joke about raping another contestant’s wife in front of his children. Fans were also turned off by a majority of the house adopting a gang mentality and harassing fellow houseguests Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf – most notably Josh Martinez bullying them with pots and pans.

Patience with this season has grown so thin that an online petition has begun calling for producers to cancel the “America’s Favorite Player” vote and instead donate the money to hurricane relief. What do you think of this season? Is this the worst summer of “Big Brother” ever? Who are you voting to win “America’s Favorite Player”? Make sure to vote in our poll below and lock in your final predictions before the winner is crowned on September 20.

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