‘Big Brother’ elimination predictions: Maven to be broken up — will Matt Clines or Raven Walton be evicted on Thursday?

For the third week in a row on “Big Brother,” showmances are the target of the house and Thursday night the last of three power couples will be broken up. “Maven,” who at one time was aligned with “Jody” and “Marlena,” is the last showmance standing, and Head of Household Jason Dent handed them a one-two punch Wednesday night when he refrained from saving either Matt Clines or Raven Walton with the Power of Veto, leaving them both on the block for Thursday’s vote. Do you think you made the right choice in your own predictions for who YOU think will go home Thursday night?

As of this writing, in our exclusive “Big Brother” odds, Matt is the overwhelming prediction to go home with 1/4 odds of eviction compared to Raven’s 14/1. This is Matt’s fourth time on the block after three successful trips as a volunteer pawn for the last three HOHs. In a number of cases, Matt chose to be a pawn himself so that Raven wouldn’t have to be, a sign that there’s a good chance Matt is prepared to sacrifice himself to the vote in order to keep her in the house. Raven’s only other time as a nominee was in Week 6 when Jessica Graf was the clear target to go home.

The other thing working against Matt is that once Maven is broken up, Matt is much more a threat playing as an individual than Raven is. Jason and Alex Ow believe that without Matt in the house Raven will crumble without many avenues to go down with other alliances. Matt, on the other hand, is more poised to reverse his losing streak in challenges and become a more appealing alliance member to other sides of the house.

With Maven set to be broken up, the other side of the house remains focused on the best ways to split in order for each of them to get to the end. At the top of the pyramid is Paul Abrahamian who still leads in our odds to win with 1/1 odds. He’s followed closely by one of his closest allies, Alex, who has 7/2 odds and her partner in crime Jason with 11/2 odds. Those three are one of Paul’s possible paths to the finals, but his preference is to go to the end with Christmas Abbott (12/1 odds to win) and Josh Martinez (40/1 odds to win) instead.

Paul, Alex and Jason have each reigned as HOH twice so far this season, totaling six of the ten earned. Josh and Christmas each won once while the other two went to Jessica and Cody Nickson who are no longer in the house. That is a consolidation of power into the hands of a small group of people heading into the final 7. Kevin Schlehuber and whoever stays between Matt and Raven have yet to win an HOH and only Matt has won a POV. Predictors are guessing that power will shift from Jason to Alex this week, giving her leading 9/5 odds of being crowned HOH live on Thursday. Next in line are “No One” and Paul each with 4/1 odds and Josh with 5/1 odds.

Because the showmance Maven is set to be split up, it’s highly likely that we will see a kiss live on air (1/2 odds compared to 2/1 odds that we won’t). Similar stats are set for whether or not we’ll hear Paul say “friendship” (1/2 odds that we won’t) or Josh say “meatball” (1/2 odds that we won’t). Surprisingly, despite Jason and Alex throwing hinky votes to prevent a landslide against Mark Jansen last week, predictors are expecting the house to be unanimous in their votes this week, set at 1/2 odds.

What are YOUR thoughts heading into Thursday’s live eviction? Sound off in the comments and be sure to start discussing who you hope the house will target next week!

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