‘Big Brother’ finale: Who do you NOT want to win — Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbot or Josh Martinez? [POLL]

Following the elimination of Kevin Schlehuber, only three players remain on Season 19 of “Big Brother” and now we want to know: Who do you NOT want to win? Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez formed a successful alliance and executed their plan to make it to the finale together. But many viewers are having a difficult time rooting for any of them after a season filled with bullying, thrown competitions and a twist that allowed a veteran player back in the house with three weeks of safety. Vote in our poll below and tell us who you do NOT want to walk away with $500,000 at the live finale on Wednesday, September 20.

Paul Abrahamian
24-year old Clothing Designer from Tarzana, CA
Paul won three HOH competitions that led to the evictions of Cody Nickson (who returned, but was later evicted a second time under Alex Ow’s reign) and Kevin. One of his wins proved meaningless when Jessica used her “Halting Hex” twist to cancel the eviction ceremony in which she and Cody were nominated. Paul formed an alliance with nearly everyone in the house, convincing most of the jury members that he planned to go to the end with them. He then orchestrated nearly all of their evictions and some still don’t think he’s responsible. Paul’s only downside was his condescending attitude and slimy treatment of others. He would instigate his puppet, Josh, to start fights and he engaged in petty, hypocritical arguments with numerous houseguests himself. Paul went from being one of the most liked players in Season 18 to one of the least liked in Season 19.

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Christmas Abbott
35-year old Fitness Superstar from Raleigh, NC
Christmas won two HOH competitions that led to the evictions of Mark Jansen and Jason Dent. This could have looked decent on her resume had both wins not been thrown to her by Paul. Christmas broke her foot early in the summer but was allowed to stay in the game despite not being medically cleared to participate in all of the competitions. She was able to form a bond with the hot-headed Josh and put his emotions in check when he appeared to be cracking. I would credit her for holding their alliance together because Paul did not have the emotional patience to keep Josh in line. Without Christmas, Josh would have turned on Paul.

Josh Martinez
23-year old Haircare Sales Associate from Homestead, FL
Josh won two HOH competitions that led to the evictions of Jessica Graf and Alex Ow. His second win was thrown to him in a group effort by the other houseguests who used him to target Alex. Josh was an emotional basket case throughout the season and often instigated arguments with other houseguests; running away in tears if they responded to his attacks. He will be remembered for the immature act of banging pots and pans around the house and taunting others who were nominated for eviction. He was the ultimate puppet to Paul’s puppet master role and it is difficult to credit him for anything in terms of why he should win the game. He aligned with the only two people who could tolerate him. They knew he would be good to take to the end as one of the least-liked players among the jury.

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