‘Big Brother’: Is Josh Martinez the most annoying houseguest of Season 19? Vote now! [POLL]

Because of his no-holds-barred personality, Josh Martinez has made many enemies in the “Big Brother” Season 19 house. From Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson to more recently Mark Jansen, Josh has had no qualms creating drama and antagonizing those who’ve wronged him. But is the Miami, FL native also getting on YOUR nerves at home? Vote below in our poll to let us know who you think is the most annoying “Big Brother” houseguest.

Josh just came off his most dramatic week yet in the house. After Jessica won the Head of Household competition, she decided to target Josh for eviction and nominated Ramses Soto as a pawn. However, when Paul Abrahamian saw how annoyed Josh was making Jessica, he decided to enact a plan to keep Josh in the house. By switching the vote and sending Ramses out the door, Paul ensured that Jessica’s enemy remained in the house and helped keep the target off of his own back for a little while longer.

When Josh learned that he’d be safe because of Paul’s maneuverings, he started ramping up the annoyance factor in the house. Josh started banging pots and pans together in order to annoy Mark, the person who he feuded with the week prior over a game of pool. With Mark, Jessica and Cody all annoyed by Josh, it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s shown the door.

What do you think, “Big Brother” fans? Is Josh the most annoying houseguest of Season 19 or does that dis-honor go to someone else? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off down in the comments section.

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