‘Big Brother’ live episode 8 predictions: Will Mark Jansen or Matthew Clines be evicted live?

This week’s “Big Brother” Head of Household Christmas Abbott promised that she was ready to make big moves, but going into Thursday night’s live episode her two options for eviction are Mark Jansen, the last remaining member of an alliance the whole house has spent weeks picking off, and Matthew Clines, a do-nothing competitor (even Zingbot said so!) that volunteered to be a pawn nominee for the third time. Neither option seems like a “big move” by any stretch of the imagination and barring a last-minute blindside this could be one of the most predictable evictions of the season. Do you think you made the right choice in your own predictions for who YOU think will go home Thursday night?

As of this writing, in our exclusive “Big Brother” odds, Mark has a commanding lead as the likeliest to be evicted with 8/15 odds. Matt sits comfortably behind him with 7/1 odds. Mark’s best hope of saving himself was put to bed in Wednesday night’s episode when he performed miserably during the Power of Veto competition. That comp went to Jason Dent instead, who removed himself from the block, giving Christmas the chance she was looking for to push Mark out through the back door.

With all of Mark’s allies now out of the game, Christmas has the full support of the house in evicting him this week. That’s why we could see the third unanimous vote of the season (the others were against Dominique Cooper in week 3 and Cody Nickson in week 7). Indeed, a majority of predictors think the vote will be unanimous with 8/13 odds. If a vote IS cast to evict Matt, it’s hard to tell where it’ll come from. Of the voters, Kevin Schlehuber has been the most unpredictable, but it’s been a few weeks since he’s tossed out a hinky vote and he has no discernible ties to Mark that would suggest he wants to keep him.

Once this week’s evictee exits the house, the remaining seven eligible houseguests (Christmas is ineligible) will compete for the chance to be the next HOH. If one of them is crowned live on air, most of us think Alex Ow (7/2 odds) or Paul Abrahamian (4/1 odds) could claim their respective third reign of the season. That being said, more predictors think that “No One” will be crowned live on air (21/10 odds), suggesting that the game is due for the type of endurance comp that could last hours into the night and play out on the live feeds. Paul has also hinted that he’s more interested in letting other players take each other out so that his hands remain clean of blood going forward.

In our other questions this week, Paul remains the favorite to win the game with 21/20 odds followed by the power couple Alex (3/1 odds) and Jason (11/1 odds). Unlike last season Paul has kept his “friendship” under wraps so with 4/5 odds most people think he won’t say “friendship” live on air, but conversely give 8/13 odds that Josh will say “meatball.” With Elena Davies out of the house, Mark probably won’t be kissing anyone on air, but voters seemed split over whether or not anybody will — we give 10/11 odds that there won’t be a kiss and 11/10 odds that there will. Maybe Raven Walton will give Matt a kiss on his way out?

Tune into CBS Thursday night to find out how the live eviction goes down. Do you think that Christmas made a big move this week nominating Matt as a pawn and backdooring Mark? Who do you want to see win HOH? Be sure to update your own predictions in our weekly event and then let us know what you think in the comments.

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