‘Big Brother’ episode 11 recap: Who was evicted live – Dominique Cooper or Jessica Graf?

Two players were up for the eviction vote on Thursday’s live episode of “Big Brother” while two others fought over a game of pool and another was tempted by America with the Halting Hex. Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf were both left on the block following Wednesday’s Power of Veto meeting, but who went home? And how will she fare Friday night in the special Battle Back episode against Cody Nickson, Cameron Heard and Jillian Parker for their chance to re-enter the house? Find out all the dramatic details in our Season 19, Episode 11 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Feeling betrayed by former allies, Dominique used the Power of Veto meeting to throw Paul Abrahamian under the bus in front of the entire house, but her blow up put her in a more precarious position with the people she needs in order to stay in the house. Her friendship with Elena Davies and Mark Jensen were the most strained leaving Mark unsure whether he could go against Elena to vote to keep Dominique in the game.

Later in a high stakes game of pool where the loser pledged to drink a jar of pickle juice and hot sauce, Mark and Josh Martinez erupted into a heated argument over a game-ending scratch that left winner vs. loser up in the air. Both refused to take the loser’s punishment so in a seeming act of playfulness Mark tossed the jar of pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face, sending Josh back into the house to retaliate with jars of ketchup and mayo. After a series of other escalations, Josh turned the argument personal and strategic by vowing to not work with Mark anymore and in front of the entire house confronted Jessica about past actions and promises, putting her in the spotlight only days ahead of the eviction vote.

For the final Den of Temptation twist this week, America voted for which houseguest they wanted to receive “The Halting Hex,” a power that allows the holder to literally halt a live eviction by keeping the evictee in the house. One by one the houseguests entered the Den, slowly revealing Jessica to be the lucky recipient. As a current nominee Jessica of course accepted the temptation and now has the unique power to use this week or in any of the following three evictions.

Prior to the vote, Julie Chen gave both Jessica and Dominique the opportunity to plead their case to the house for why they should stay. This is the point in the evening when Jessica would have had to invoke the power of The Halting Hex if she wanted to use it, but she did not, choosing instead to risk being voted out by her house while maintaining the secret of her power. One by one the houseguests entered the Diary Room to cast their vote and one by one they each voted to evict Dominique. So by a unanimous vote of 10 to 0, Dominique became the fourth houseguest to be evicted.

In her post-eviction interview with Julie, Dominique spoke about Paul’s betrayal of her and admitted to not being sure whether she would be willing to be friends with him after and outside of the game. Asked if there’s anything she would do differently if she got a second chance, Dom said she’d definitely be more quiet and patient with the others. At that point Julie told her that she’ll be competing in Friday’s Battle Back, much to the excitement of Dominique.

In a short segment with the first four evictees on stage, Julie revealed to each of them the identities of the players that exited after them and then asked them each how they’d change things up if they got back in the house. While Jillian vowed to go after either Elena or Raven Walton, Cody stuck to his original plan of aligning with Jessica. Then in a tease to just the audience, Julie announced that Friday’s Battle Back episode will involve three competitions to determine IF one of the four returns to the game, suggesting that there’s still a chance that no one returns to the game.

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