‘Big Brother’ episode 19 recap: Who did Josh Martinez nominate for eviction?

The unpredictable houseguest Josh Martinez stepped into a seat of power for the first time as Head of Household on Sunday night’s episode of “Big Brother.” Having had confrontations with multiple players already, Josh’s reign put most of the house on edge. With Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson still the resident pariahs and tension between Josh and Mark Jensen reaching a boiling point, who did Josh choose to nominate for eviction? And which player lost the Temptation Competition and was put on the block as a third nominee? Find out in our Season 19, Episode 19 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Looking to smooth things over with Josh now that he’s in power, Mark made a point of clearing the air between the two of them and vowing to move on from their past arguments. Mark’s call for a truce fell on deaf ears though considering Josh and others had already taken note of the look of disappointment that crossed his and Elena Davies‘ faces when Josh was crowned. In a particularly awkward moment, Alex Ow entered one of the bedrooms blurting out to Josh how unhappy Mark looked with the HOH results only to find that Mark was sitting right there. The incident set Mark up for having to defend his relationship with Cody and gave Alex an unexpected opportunity to force Mark to pick a side.

Elsewhere in the house, Josh, Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian quickly began discussing what the strategy should be for the week. Paul exerted his influence over Josh by making suggestions for what he should do, namely targeting Paul’s targets Jessica and Cody. Christmas offered a different opinion though, believing Mark and Elena to be the more dangerous duo. At odds over who the target should be, Paul and Christmas were quickly poised to battle each other all week over who truly had Josh’s ear. Christmas called attention to the fact that Paul has had a hand in almost every eviction so far this season and told Josh that it’s important he makes his own decision. Knowing that Jessica and Cody are whole-house targets, Josh agreed with Christmas that the better target is Elena who he sees as more persuasive and sneakier than the other two.

For the second week, the houseguests were tempted with the opportunity to complete in the Temptation Competition. In the contest, the winner is given immunity for the week while the biggest loser is automatically up for eviction as a special third nominee. Unlike last week, every houseguest chose to compete in this week’s competition with the hopes of preventing Jessica or Cody winning. Unfortunately for the house, Cody won the competition, giving himself immunity. But unfortunately for Cody, Jessica earned the slowest time and became an automatic nominee.

With Cody safe for the week, Mark and Elena felt the pressure of the looming nominations. Meanwhile, Paul did his best to make sure Josh targets Jessica for the week. Surprisingly, Josh held his ground and let Paul run his mouth while vowing in a DR entry that he would still do his best to make sure Elena is evicted this week. After hearing from Paul that she was being put up as a pawn, Elena confronted Josh about the decision when there are tougher competitors that would be better options.

In the end, Josh stuck to his gut feeling about Elena and nominated her for eviction. Next to her on the block is her closest ally and Josh’s frenemy, Mark, as well as Jessica, the Temptation Competition loser. Working hard to make sure that he makes the decisions this week rather than Paul, will Josh be successful at getting Elena evicted? Or will his lie to the house that Jessica is the target come back to haunt him? The drama continues on CBS Wednesday night with the Power of Veto competition.

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