‘Big Brother’ episode 2 recap: Head of House competition tempts players with rotten apples

After the shocking elimination of Cameron Heard on day one, “Big Brother” was back to launch the first Head of Household competition and get the real drama started. The CBS reality competition has promised a “summer of temptation” and they delivered with more tempting offers that set off fireworks in the “Big Brother” house. Below, read our recap of “Big Brother” Season 19, Episode 2. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Fresh off the block, Christmas Abbott was bound and determined to find out which two houseguests voted to evict her. The competitor vowed to learn the names of those who betrayed her and bury them in her path to victory. Her block-mate, Jillian Parker, on the other hand seemed a little more terrified about what had just transpired. Her top concern was being an easy target to put back on the block considering she was already there.

Despite complete safety and no reason to fear for his place in the game, Josh Martinez, the hair care salesman from Florida, had a complete meltdown. After confessing his nerves to various houseguests, he had a heart-to-heart with Christmas and broke down in tears. Christmas was nurturing to his face, but let the diary camera know that if Josh is already a hot mess on day two, he’s going to have a long summer.

Ding Dong! That ever-so-popular “Big Brother” doorbell rang to interrupt the drama and Season 18 champion, Nicole Franzel, stormed into the house. Queue maniacal screams all around! The houseguests fanned out over the former champ, but she soon revealed she was there for business: Nicole would be hosting the first Head of Household (HOH) competition. The competitors were split into four teams and taken into the “Garden of Temptation.” The challenge consisted of climbing across a series of vines to retrieve rotten apples. The first two teams to collect eight rotten apples would then advance to the final leg of the competition.

Among the rotten apples was one golden apple that would guarantee safety for the week to whoever retrieved it. But with every temptation comes a consequence; the owner of the golden apple would lose the competition for their team. In a complete state of unjustified paranoia, Josh quickly grabbed the golden apple and screwed over his teammates Elena Davies, Kevin Schlehuber, and Jillian in the process. While Elena and Jillian were furious, Kevin was overjoyed since he was supposed to throw the competition anyways after winning $25,000 the day before. Josh quickly exploded into emotions exclaiming “I ain’t going nowhere!” leaving the other houseguests confused since he was never on their radar in the first place.

Following the conclusion of the first round of competition, Josh continued is wild rant by calling Megan Lowder a “snake and a bully.” He then said he needed air before he ripped somebody’s head off. What a mess. Josh is simply incapable of containing his emotion and looking to have a short summer. Anyways, back to the game.

In round two of the HOH competition, each team had to select only one player to compete for their team. The winner would be the first HOH of the season while the others on their team would still be eligible for eviction. Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian were selected to compete head-to-head for control of the house. In a showing of pure athletic finesse, Cody was the first to balance seven apples on a wobbling tree and therefore named the first HOH. Competition score this season? Cody: 2, the rest of the house: 0.

After the dust settled Cody went straight into game mode by aligning himself with the other two athletic guys in the house, Mark Jansen and Matt Clines. There was a lot of “Dude!” and “Bro!” being said, but the bottom line is an alliance was formed. Although Cody is clearly athletic and seems somewhat intelligent, his social game has been garbage. He has shown no sense of humor and almost every conversation had with anyone outside of his “bros” was completely awkward. But the man has a plan. Get rid of the biggest threat in the house: Paul.

But after long discussions in the diary room about his grand plan to oust the veteran from the game, he announced his bold nominations to the rest of the house: Jillian and Megan. The reason? He just doesn’t like Megan very much and Jillian is her friend. Despite that pretty weak move, Cody was able to form a strong alliance this week and should skate by with relatively little blood on his hands.

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