‘Big Brother’ episode 20 recap: Did Josh Martinez continue bullying houseguests during Veto episode?

The all-important Power of Veto competition was held on “Big Brother” Wednesday night, determining if season-long targets Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson could secure another week together in the house. After Cody earned his safety earlier this week in the temptation competition, Jessica’s back was against the wall as Paul Abrahamian instructed HOH Josh Martinez to evict her. Did Jessica pull off another victory? And did Josh continue to obey Paul’s orders? Find out in our Season 19, Episode 20 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Immediately following Josh’s machismo speech in which he rubbed Jessica’s nose in the fact that he nominated her, he ran to the diary room to assure viewers his target was actually Elena Davies. Unfortunately for Josh, Elena is not Paul’s target and Josh seems incapable of making anything happen by himself. Josh pulled his alliance into the snack room to let them all know he wanted Elena out, but Paul quickly shook a finger in his face, shot him down and said “not before Jessica.”

Josh tried to hint to Jessica that she wasn’t his target, but she had zero patience left and no interest in speaking to him. Cody didn’t help matters when he continued to interrupt the conversation and told Josh they didn’t want to hear anything he had to say anymore. What Josh doesn’t know is that his target doesn’t actually matter. The house wants Jessica out and if she doesn’t win the veto she’s a goner.

Meanwhile, Paul continued his master manipulation over the entire house by convincing Christmas Abbott this would be a great week to use her temptation. Weeks ago, Christmas won a temptation that allowed her to swap places with anyone in any veto competition. Paul suggested she use it this week if Cody were drawn to play in the veto. Why Christmas entertained the idea of wasting such a powerful temptation at this stage of the game only speaks to how good Paul has been at brainwashing everyone.

Christmas decided to build trust with Josh by informing him that she has the replacement ring. She told Josh that Paul wanted her to use it in the case Cody was picked for the veto competition. Josh didn’t want her to waste it so early in the game, so they went to discuss it further with their master (Paul). While he was literally blindfolded in bed, Paul quickly convinced both Josh and Christmas that Jessica should be voted out over Elena and Christmas needed to use her temptation.

When it came time to draw names for who could play for the veto, Alex Ow and Cody were chosen to join Josh, Jessica, Elena and Mark Jansen in the competition. As promised, Christmas unveiled her temptation and replaced Cody on the block. Devastated, Cody showed a rare sign of emotion and sobbed on Jessica’s shoulder. But it was soon time to get their heads back in the game and play for the veto, which was the legendary “OTEV” competition. Because the challenge was physical, Christmas was not allowed to play, however no other houseguest got to replace her.

During the competition, the players listened to clues before sliding down a ramp full of slime, searching through a muddy graveyard for answers, and returning the correct response to OTEV. If all of the players returned the correct response, the last person to arrive would be eliminated. Elena was the first to be knocked out followed by Jessica, Josh and Alex. Mark won the Power of Veto and forced Josh to come up with a replacement nominee.

While sulking alone in their bed, Jessica gave Cody one mission to complete once she left the house: Take out Paul. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Matt Clines and Raven Walton offered to replace Mark on the block as pawns. During the veto meeting, Mark pulled himself off the block and Josh did, in fact, nominate Raven to replace him. At the closing of the episode Josh reiterated in the diary room that he would try to come up with a plan to get Elena evicted instead of Jessica. But it isn’t what Paul wants, so it won’t happen. Paul’s reign continues and viewers can expect Jessica to be evicted Thursday night, just missing the jury house.

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