‘Big Brother’ episode 21 recap: Who was eliminated live — Jessica Graf, Raven Walton or Elena Davies?

A showmance was torn apart on “Big Brother” Thursday night when Elena Davies, Jessica Graf or Raven Walton became the latest evicted houseguest. The three women were all on the block courtesy of the current HOH, Josh Martinez, who vowed to eliminate Elena despite Paul Abrahamian and the majority of the house gunning for Jessica. So which of these “Big Brother” beauties was sent packing? And which houseguest took control of the house after a magical HOH competition? Find out in our Season 19, Episode 21 recap below.

With half the season in the bag, it seems absurd to think most of it thus far has been nothing but Paul herding his minions to get rid of either Jessica or Cody Nickson. To viewers at home, it has appeared that this trio has been playing the game with nothing but floaters. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Kevin Schlehuber step up in this episode and reveal in the diary room he was ready to make some big moves. But that ray of hope dwindled when the 55-year old stay-at-home dad revealed to Jessica that if she were to leave this week, he was willing to work with Cody to knock out Matt Clines, Mark Jansen, Elena and Raven. Kevin was hopeful Cody would align with himself, Alex Ow, Jason Dent and Paul. It seems as though Paul really has gotten into the head of even the most mature houseguest.

Jessica brought Kevin’s proposition to Cody, but as soon as Cody heard Paul’s name he shot down the idea. Cody was willing to appear interested, but maintained his refusal to be used as a weapon for Paul’s side of the house. Meanwhile, Kevin brought his idea to Alex and Jason but they were skeptical, so he tried again with Paul. Paul refused to team up with Cody, but was open to the idea of pretending he would in case Cody won the next HOH. Kevin finished off his grandiose plan by speaking with Cody himself, and it appeared as though the conversation went excellently. Cody shook Kevin’s hand and even mentioned a few targets he had in mind, such as the other couples in the house. Kevin was thrilled. A new alliance was formed! Until Cody went to the diary room and said the conversation was null and void from the start. Cody will nominate whoever he wants, and he is potentially the only person who can keep this game exciting.

Unlike the weak game play this season, the drama has been running on all cylinders since day one. Jessica and Josh got into another heated argument after Paul instructed Josh to antagonize her in the kitchen. The small quarrel quickly escalated when Cody got involved and looked prepared to remove limbs from Josh’s body. The three shot insults back and forth until Josh insisted their words meant nothing to him. But the world’s softest meatball was quickly upstairs crying once again because his enemies said he was fat. I’m no fan of personal attacks, but it’s hard to feel sorry for Josh when he cries. The majority of the arguments he’s engaged in are instigated by his own antagonistic mouth, but the minute someone strikes back he collapses into a puddle of tears.

After a pep talk from Paul and his minions, Josh felt better and proceeded to grab his pots and pans and bang them around the back yard. As he taunted Cody and Jessica once again, Cody approached Josh face to face to grab the pans from him while Alex attempted to stop a physical altercation. At this point I can’t imagine who could possibly win America’s Favorite Player this season. So far all I’ve seen are bullies, babies, and floaters. Hopefully the second half of the season will include a rise not only game play but maturity level.

It was then time for live eviction and everyone but Cody voted to evict Jessica. As she left the house, Josh couldn’t help but give her one more obnoxious song and dance. During her discussion with Julie Chen, Jessica was in tears not because she lost, but because she was sad to leave Cody. Jessica admitted she gave up and refused to campaign to save herself this week after being targeted the entire season.

In a HOH competition called “Hocus Focus,” the houseguests watched a series of dance performances featuring numerous costume changes. Following the routines, players were asked questions about details they had just witnessed. If they answered correctly, they remained in the game. If they answered incorrectly, they were out. As the reigning HOH, Josh was not allowed to play. After an intense series of questions, Alex was crowned HOH for the second time this season. Before the episode concluded, Julie announced to the houseguests that everyone remaining had at least made the jury. Everyone but Cody cheered. She then announced there would be no more “battle back” competitions and everyone evicted from now on was out for good. Then, to viewers at home, it was revealed that next Thursday would be a double live eviction. With Cody now alone in the house, there’s no telling what drama might ensue this week.

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