‘Big Brother’ episode 22 recap: Who did Alex Ow nominate and who won final Temptation Competition?

Alex Ow took the reigns as Head of Household (HOH), the final Temptation Competition guaranteed one houseguest safety for the week, and three others landed on the block during another dramatic episode of “Big Brother” Sunday night. Is the former marine, Cody Nickson, still public enemy number one? Or did Alex finally decide to take aim at another target now that his girlfriend, Jessica Graf, is out of the house? Find out in our Season 19, Episode 22 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Following Julie Chen’s announcement that the remaining houseguests all made it to the jury, the house exploded into cheers (except Cody). This reaction was most likely due to the fact that making jury was the only goal they had. Outside of the recently ousted Jessica and her showmance partner Cody, it seems as though only Paul Abrahamian is actually interested in winning the game. Before her departure, Jessica warned the house that Paul should have been their main target all along. Mark Jansen appreciated her statement, but was left wondering when the rest of the house would catch on to the fact Jessica was right

Matt Clines and Raven Walton encouraged the house’s obsession with Cody by placing their next targets on Elena Davies and Mark, simply because they speak to him. Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott echoed their sentiments in a conversation of their own, hoping to reel in Alex to ensure she isn’t persuaded into an alliance by Elena. The house was soon relieved to know that Cody was still, indeed, Alex’s target this week. But her plan to backdoor him depended on everyone playing in this week’s temptation competition and putting two expendable pawns up on the block. Alex’s initial instinct was to nominate Elena and Matt, but Paul quickly squashed that idea and told her exactly what to do. Nominating someone from each couple was a bad idea, because if both couples get paranoid they could link up with Cody in a five-person alliance. His plan was to keep Matt and Raven off the block and keep them feeling safe.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Cody was venting to Kevin Schlehuber about how ridiculous it is for Alex to target him this week. He has no alliance to anyone in the house and he would never go after Alex. Kevin hoped that by staying in Cody’s good graces, Cody wouldn’t target him if he happened to ever win HOH. But Alex walked past the men as they were talking and it immediately raised red flags. Apparently speaking to Cody is strictly prohibited, and now Kevin has made himself a target. Alex initially wanted to take Kevin to the end of the game, but she now has second thoughts.

Over at the chess board, Mark made a bold move by telling Jason Dent that they need to get Paul out of the house. Convinced Paul is telling everyone what to do, Mark told Jason that if they got rid of Paul, the rest of the house would scatter like a litter of lost puppies. Up in the HOH room, Alex was recruiting a volunteer to throw the temptation competition to ensure the automatic third nomination didn’t fall into Cody’s hands. Their hope was Cody couldn’t play in the veto competition this week so they could backdoor him. For that reason, it was imperative to keep him off the block.

Everyone decided to play in the temptation competition in a group effort to defeat Cody. Players put their memory to the test, as each houseguest was tasked with remembering where they were when certain noises were made in the house. The player with the most points after ten questions would win safety for the week, while the player with the least amount of points earned a seat on the block. After learning what the competition was, Cody decided to throw the competition to ensure he could play in the veto. Suddenly Matt and Cody were in a heated battle for last place. Cody accidentally got an answer correct, ruining his hopes for taking the third eviction nomination. Matt got last place and earned the approval of his master, Paul. Mark ended up taking the win, guaranteeing himself safety for the week.

Deflated by his failure to even fail correctly, Cody decided his only hope was to start planting it in peoples’ minds that Paul is going after them. He effectively put the fear into Elena by telling her about Paul’s plan to go after her and Mark. The light bulb finally went off above Elena’s head as she stated that the house was just handing Paul $500,000. Then in the kitchen, Mark became the center of attention when Christmas launched a verbal attack on him in front of the entire house for talking to Cody. Lucky for Mark, he has safety this week but it is now clear to everyone he is the next big target.

At the nomination ceremony, Alex put Elena and Jason up on the block with Matt. She then made it clear in the diary room that if for some reason Cody stays in the house this week, she wouldn’t see the eviction of Matt or Elena as a failure.

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