‘Big Brother’ episode 23 recap: Was Cody Nickson’s game saved or destroyed by Veto competition?

Cody Nickson’s game hung in the balance as he depended on the luck of the draw to find out if he could play in the all-important Power of Veto competition on “Big Brother” Wednesday night. Current Head of Household, Alex Ow, was leading a plan to backdoor the former marine by placing Elena Davies, Jason Dent and Matt Clines on the block as pawns. Did Cody get a chance to fight for his life? Who won the power of veto, and did they use it to save someone from possible eviction? And which houseguest made a critical mistake and landed in Alex’s crosshairs? Find out in our Season 19, Episode 23 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

Following the nomination ceremony, Cody was convinced Alex was planning to backdoor him after his name failed to come up. Determined to “die on his feet than rather than live on his knees” Cody‘s only hope was to try to strike a deal. Up in the HOH room, Paul Abrahamian and Alex determined that if Cody somehow saved himself they would most likely evict Elena. They also expressed distrust for Kevin Schlehuber, Raven Walton and Matt, marking all as future targets. Their hope is to take Josh Martinez to the end along with Jason and possibly Christmas Abbott. For some reason Alex remains oblivious to the fact that going to the end with Paul would be a losing strategy.

When it came time to pick players for the veto competition, two players were randomly selected to join the current HOH and the three nominees as participants. Mark Jansen was selected first and then Alex drew her own name second, giving her the power to choose the final player. Without hesitation she chose her master, Paul, to join in the game, crushing Cody’s hopes to win the veto. Feeling isolated, Cody confessed to Kevin that he has a five-year old daughter. He had given up his summer with her to play “Big Brother” and now questions if it was the right decision.

In “The BB Adventure Tours” veto competition, players launched an arrow at a map filled with different adventures. Each adventure had a point value placed on it, and the player who earned the fewest points each round would be eliminated. Once they were eliminated each houseguest got to draw a prize, but the players eliminated after them had the option to steal it or draw one for themselves. As an added incentive, the winner of the veto got to invite five houseguests to join them for a special Outback Steakhouse dinner in the backyard. This is how the competition ended, including which prizes each houseguest won:

6th place – Paul (forced to be tied to another houseguest for a week dressed as tandem skydivers; he chose Christmas)
5th place – Mark (Trip to Colorado)
4th place – Jason (Extremitard)
3rd place – Matt (Power of Veto and Outback Steakhouse dinner)
2nd place – Alex (Carry camping equipment at all times and cook hotdogs for everyone whenever a horn sounds)
1st place – Elena ($5,000)

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Despite winning, Elena chose to steal $5k from Alex instead of the veto. Alex was absolutely furious that she not only lost the money, but ended up with potentially the worst prize of the competition. Meanwhile, Cody was ecstatic about the target Elena placed on herself. Cody informed Alex that she will never be his target and she has no reason to target him. Alex was intrigued by Cody’s proposition to help her, but felt her alliance would never trust her again if she let him stay. Cody made another plea to both Alex and Jason to keep him in the house, reminding Jason of the time he saved him in week one. Regardless of the outcome, Cody at least successfully planted the seed that Alex would be better off getting rid of Elena than himself.

At the veto ceremony, Matt decided to use the Power of Veto on Jason. If Matt had used it on himself, there would be no replacement nominee, meaning there would be no opportunity to backdoor Cody. With Jason off the block, Alex put Cody up next to Elena and Matt. Alex seems to want Elena to be evicted, but everyone knows Paul controls everything she does, so Cody will likely be the first sent packing on Thursday night’s double-eviction episode.

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