‘Big Brother’ episode 24 recap: Did Cody Nickson go home during exciting double eviction?

Two more houseguests were sent packing on a special double eviction episode of “Big Brother” Thursday night. Cody Nickson, Elena Davies and Matt Clines were on the block for most of the week, but which one was ousted after the first live vote? And what drama unfolded as the remaining houseguests were forced to squeeze an entire week’s worth of “Big Brother” into less than an hour? Find out in our Season 19, episode 24 recap below. Hurry — make your “Big Brother” 19 predictions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start predicting right now.

At the veto ceremony, Matt used his power to pull Jason Dent off the block rather than himself, allowing Alex Ow to put Cody up as a replacement nominee. Cody wasn’t shocked by Matt’s decision, calling him a “wuss.” With no clear path to safety, Cody decided to sit back and see if Elena would ruin her own game. After all, Alex was still bitter about the $5k Elena stole from her during the veto competition, and Josh Martinez has wanted her out for weeks. Cody got as much as he could hope for when Josh provoked a screaming match with Elena in front of all of the houseguests, questioning her loyalty and calling her “shady.” Alex joined in on the action by calling out Elena for going back on her word during the veto competition after she promised she wouldn’t give Alex a punishment. There is a reason why Alex is always wearing a hat that says “petty.” Meanwhile, Cody sat by himself in the backyard with a big grin on his face.

That was the only tease CBS aired before the first live eviction took place. Had Elena done enough damage to make the target on her bigger than the one on Cody? During her final speech before the vote, Elena fumbled over so many confusing words I’m not sure if she actually had a point or not. She seemed confident she would be staying though. Next, Cody professed his love to his daughter and Jessica before brutally throwing Alex and Jason under the bus, telling each and every houseguest all the smack talk the duo had done all week. Then, Matt said something boring as usual. When it came time to vote, the houseguests unanimously voted to evict Cody. Cody said goodbye to nobody as he stepped over the coffee table, grabbed his bag, and flew out the door to a thunderous applause.

In his second post-eviction interview with Julie Chen this season, Cody admitted that he lied during his speech about Alex and Jason, and they had actually not discussed evicting anyone with him. He just wanted to rile up the house in hopes people would start playing the game. Julie then pressed Cody a bit, asking why he couldn’t just fake it a little bit to try and form more relationships in the house. Cody simply responded that he hated everyone in the house and he just couldn’t do it. Cody’s straightforwardness earned laughter from the audience and he shocked a few people when he said he would marry Jessica Graf. For being one of the most hated players earlier this season, Cody really has become quite likable.

The HOH competition was next, which consisted of a single-elimination shuffleboard competition. Players went head to head, with winners moving on and losers taking a seat. The winner of each round got to choose the next two players, meaning everyone chose Mark and nobody chose Paul Abrahamian (keeping him in the game). Eventually Jason won the HOH and he quickly nominated Mark and Elena while giving the most spineless HOH speech all season. In the veto competition, players had to be the first to solve three puzzles in order to secure their safety. Moving at a snail’s pace apparently paid off in this game, as Mark won the veto when he needed it most! He only had seconds to celebrate before giving a tearful farewell to Elena, who was likely to be evicted.

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At the veto meeting, Mark took himself off the block forcing Jason to name a replacement nominee. Matt was used as a pawn once again. I’m nearly certain the fact that Matt has been used as a pawn for two weeks in a row will not resonate with him at all. He’s clearly at the bottom of an alliance but refuses to acknowledge it and make a move. For her second speech of the night, Elena wished her mother a happy birthday. Matt talked about how many bowls of cereal he eats in a failed attempt to be funny. Everyone but Mark then voted to evict Elena.

In her exit interview with Julie, Elena admitted that she loved Jessica but her relationship with both her and Mark put a big target on her back. She also confirmed that she is open to exploring a relationship with Mark outside the “Big Brother” house. Before the closing of the episode, Julie announced a special Friday episode of “Big Brother,” which will include former winner Derrick Levasseur visiting the houseguests. Hopefully he teaches them how to play! Then, on Sunday night a new HOH will be crowned, two more houseguests will be nominated for eviction, and a new temptation twist will be unleashed on the house.

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