‘Big Brother’ episode 34 recap: Which 2 houseguests went home during action-packed double eviction? [UPDATING LIVE]

An action-packed double eviction shook up the “Big Brother” house Thursday night, sending two more players into a jury of bitter, bamboozled castoffs. Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber sat on the block going into the live episode, but which one was ousted following the first vote? After Julie Chen dropped a double eviction bomb on the house, who remained calm enough to seize control? And who was sent packing before they even had a chance to campaign?

Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 19, Episode 34 and then sound off in the comments section about the night’s most shocking moments. Keep refreshing/reloading this page as we’ll be updating live.

9:00 p.m. – “Previously, on ‘Big Brother’!” Paul Abrahamian kept his word to Alex Ow by pulling her off the block at the last veto ceremony. When Christmas Abbott put up Kevin as the replacement nominee, Jason and Alex assumed it was all part of a plan to backdoor the 55-year old. Meanwhile, Josh Martinez was growing frustrated with Paul’s ability to orchestrate evictions and play innocent while everyone else was left with blood on their hands. But after voicing his concerns to Christmas and even Paul himself, Josh was told to stay in his place and trust Paul. Will Josh be the first person to take a shot at Paul since Cody Nickson tried in week one? Or will the puppet master continue to go unchallenged?

9:10 p.m. – Jason and Alex are sitting comfortably while Kevin believes he may be going to jury. Paul is working to convince Josh and Christmas that he should vote to save Jason and Christmas should vote him out in a tie-breaker. That way, nobody will suspect the three of them are working together. Christmas bought into the plan, but Josh is totally sketched out and he’s not completely onto Paul. Later, in the hot tub, Josh breaks down in tears while talking to Jason who he feels guilty about blindsiding. He didn’t divulge the secret plan to Jason, but is considering making a move to blow up the house.

9:15 p.m. – Julie reveals to the house that it is double eviction night, which seems to shock the house. After a pair of forgettable speeches from Jason and Kevin, it’s time for the first live vote of the night! Alex and Paul vote to evict Kevin. Raven Walton and and a tearful Josh voted to evict Jason. Due to a tie, Christmas cast her tie-breaking vote for Jason. In tears, Christmas voted to evict Jason, who was in total shock and charged out of the house without speaking to anyone.

9:20 p.m. – Paul is screaming at Josh, completely throwing him under the bus and blaming him for Jason leaving. Like a total doormat, Josh goes along with the plan and continues crying and saying that Jason was too strong. During his interview with Julie, Jason said he was totally blindsided. He also confessed he had no idea if Alex or Paul turned on him. In his goodbye message, Josh returned the favor though, by telling Jason it was all Paul’s idea to evict Jason. Hilariously, Paul tried to play it cool in his goodbye message and acted totally shocked by Jason’s eviction. Jason bought none of it and called Paul completely obsolete and said there was no more “friendship.”

9:27 p.m. – In a “Fake News” HOH competition, houseguests had to guess whether headlines Julie read were real or fake. The player with the most points would be declared the winner. The headlines were not actually about current events, but trivia involving things that have happened in the house this summer. Following the final question, Alex was declared the HOH! The first person to latch on and congratulate her was Paul. In the most pointless move ever, she then nominated Kevin and Raven. Hopefully she is aiming for a more exciting backdoor plan.

9:40 p.m. – In the “Lime Drop” veto competition, players raced down to lemon trucks where they had to dive in and search for limes. Transferring limes one at a time, they returned to the platform to drop them into a tube. The first houseguest to drop four limes into their tube and run back to hit their buzzer won the Power of Veto. In a come-from-behind win, Josh won the Power of Veto!

9:43 p.m. – If Josh is any kind of power player, he will strike a deal with Kevin right now. Pull Kevin off the block and demand that he vote out Paul if Paul is the replacement nominee. If Christmas is the replacement nominee, they could vote out Raven, who is of no use to either of their games. Let’s see what happens!

9:46 p.m. – Josh chose not to use the power of veto. What a wasted opportunity and a worthless eventual eviction for Alex’s limited reign as HOH.

9:52 p.m. – Time for the second live eviction of the night! Paul and Christmas voted to evict Raven. Josh decided to throw in a wrench and voted for Kevin. Raven was evicted 2-1! Paul will likely pretend he voted for her to stay. Raven stumbled out of the house in tears before cartwheeling her way to Julie. While everyone inside the house cried, Paul congratulated them on making the final 5.

9:54 p.m. – In her exit interview, Raven said she wasn’t surprised they kept Kevin because he didn’t have much going on. Julie called her out and said they didn’t see much game play from her either. Raven felt nobody wanted to take her to the end because of her “story” and she would have been tough to beat.

9:59 p.m. – Josh is sitting alone in tears, likely thinking about how he blew a golden opportunity to do anything worthwhile in this game. Julie declared another big announcement. This winter, “Celebrity Big Brother” will come to the USA! That’s right! A cast of celebrities will be the next to enter the house. Which celebs would you like to see playing the game?

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