‘Big Brother’ Season 19 premiere recap: Paul Abrahamian returns, but how’d the others react?

A whole new group of strangers moved into the “Big Brother” house on Wednesday night to begin the battle for a half million dollars. Host Julie Chen announced at the top of the episode that the houseguests “would be enticed by more temptations and face more consequences than anyone in the history of this game.” Doing away with her annual unfulfilled promise of “the most twisted summer ever,” Chen revealed CBS’ “most tempting summer ever” should be one to watch.

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Before introducing the 16 new houseguests of Season 19, Chen dropped a few early teases to viewers at home about how the summer will unfold. There will be more cash prizes than ever before, a former fan favorite could re-enter the house at some point this season, and one unlucky houseguest could be sent packing their first night in the house. Oh, the drama! After a segment of introductions that allowed the home audience to get to know all of this seasons’ aspiring models (I mean fiercely competitive superfans) the houseguests were finally unleashed into the compound. These new houseguests couldn’t help but check out all the hot bods amongst them while squealing with excitement over how many bedrooms there were. Could there be a few showmances this season? Hell yeah!

Within minutes of their initial excitement, the beginnings of the first alliance seemed to already be in progress. Self-proclaimed superfan, Ramses, wasted no time confessing to videogame extraordinaire, Alex, and rainbow-haired Megan his vast knowledge of the game. Both women seemed genuinely excited to befriend their enthusiastic pursuer, but that may have been too much information too soon. Regardless, jumps for joy ensued. It was then time for the houseguests to sit down for a glass of champagne and formal introductions.

Try as he might to bond with roomies 20 years his junior, 55-year old stay-at-home father, Kevin, seemed to immediately put everyone on edge. In their diary room confessions, others described him as everything from villainous to a more blunt description, “old.” If anyone was given an early obstacle to overcome, it was poor Kevin for simply not being a millennial. Lucky for him, Chen wasted no time distracting them all to announce the summer’s big twist of temptation. Before the end of the night, the houseguests would be tempted by money, safety, and power.

Gathered outside in the “Garden of Temptation,” houseguests each sat in a pod and were tempted with $25,000. All they have to do is be the first to buzz in after a light turned green. Easy enough! The catch? Taking the temptation would have consequences, but the winner would remain anonymous. Early target, Kevin, took the bait and who could blame him? His likelihood of winning the game already seems like a total fantasy, so kudos for grabbing that money. Regardless, two consequences were unleashed: one personal and one for the entire house. Kevin learned he would not be allowed to win the first Head of Household. The rest of the house would have to wait to hear what unfortunate event awaited them.

Ding Dong! Your boy is back! Paul Abrahamian, the runner-up from Season 18 was the beneficiary of Kevin’s greed. He entered for his second chance to win “Big Brother” and received mixed reactions from the other houseguests. With all of the annoying and potential disasters who could have returned to the game, Paul was a great choice. Let’s see if “friendship” works better for him this time around. But his return was not without immediate consequence. Soon Chen appeared on the big screen to let the houseguests know he wasn’t just joining the game, he was replacing someone. The first “Big Brother Swap” would take place on day one, leaving someone’s game over before it had barely even begun.

Paul was quickly put in the hot seat and given eight “friendship bracelets” to hand out to the houseguests of his choice. Any houseguest receiving a bracelet would be safe from the night’s eviction. One by one the rookies met with Paul to tempt him into keeping them safe. Like the veteran he is, Paul put strategy into his decision. His plan was to mix the bracelets evenly amongst men and women, geeks and beasts, and see who cracked. The friendship bracelets went to: Kevin (phew!), Raven, Dominique, Mark (Johnny Bravo), cowboy Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena. Just like that, half the house was safe while the other had their crosshairs on Paul.

The remaining houseguests without friendship bracelets were sent off to prepare for battle and a chance to secure their own safety in the house. In “Tempted by the Fruit,” bathing suit-clad houseguests were hoisted onto a trapeze bar and forced to balance their way to safety. Upon falling off, they would have to choose one of seven apples – four good apples that would ensure their safety and three poison apples that would land them on the block. After six houseguests dropped, only the resident stud, Cody, remained against the pint-sized Alex. Deciding to use strategy, Cody offered Alex a deal and she politely told him to “eat sh##!” Thatta girl. Unfortunately, her bark was bigger than her bite and after she fell, Cody won safety

After revealing their apples, Alex, Matt, Josh, and Megan were declared safe while Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian wound up on the block. But one temptation of the night remained: power. The three houseguests on the block were able to choose how their fate was decided. Would they allow the houseguests to vote? Or battle against their block mates in a competition for safety? The consensus was to have their houseguests vote one of them out. After pleading for their safety the votes rolled in. With eight votes to evict, Cameron became the first houseguest evicted from the “Big Brother” house.

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