‘Big Brother’ Season 19: Which MALE houseguest do you hate the most? Cody Nickson, Josh Martinez … [POLL]

Of the eight “Big Brother” male houseguests, which one do you hate the most? Season 19 has already seen its fair share of twists and turns, and we’re only one week in! (Read our Episode 1 recap and our Episode 2 recap.) Cody Nickson and Josh Martinez are ruffling feathers inside the house with the way they’re treating others. But if you could personally evict one guy because you simply can’t stand him, who would it be? Below, see our writer John Benutty‘s snap judgements of the eight male houseguests and then let us know your choice by voting in our poll.

Cody Nickson (32, Texas): Cody wants to “face warriors and champions to the end, not some tagalong,” which in “Big Brother” terms usually means he plans on building up an alliance of strong males, like the dominant Four Horseman of Season 5. He also says that because he won’t be able to downplay how strong he is that he might as well go for the first HOH win. In seasons past, winning the first HOH has proven to be a risky move — in 18 seasons only four winners were the first HOH of their season, including last year’s winner Nicole Franzel. Based on all that, and my first impression of his demeanor in his pre-game interview with Jeff, I don’t think Cody will be one of the most strategically minded players this summer and seems too laid-back to have what it takes to actually win.

Jason Dent (37, Iowa): Based on Jason’s pre-game interview with Jeff, we should expect him to try to win over the house as the comic relief, keeping life fun and easygoing along the way. This makes sense considering he is a rodeo clown by profession, which also means he’ll be able to think on his feet and be competitive in physical challenges. Jason said that of former houseguests he likes James Huling (Seasons 17 and 18) the most because he “plays dumb, but made it really far.” If playing dumb is also a part of Jason’s strategy, I think he may be in trouble because he actually comes off as thoughtful and well-spoken and it won’t take long for everyone else to figure out he’s downplaying that and/or trying to play a floater game.

Josh Martinez (23, Florida): Josh comes with a lot of red flags, to be honest. First, at 23 he’s the second youngest player in a season that includes more over 30-somethings than has been typical in recent summers, which could theoretically put him at a disadvantage in terms of connecting with the other players on a personal level. Second, in his bio he applauds Season 8 winner Evel Dick Donato for being an “a-hole when he needed to be.” If Josh is entering the house proud of his willingness to always speak his mind and unafraid to rile up other players then I don’t expect him to make it even halfway. Obviously Josh is entering the house having no clue how the other players are hoping to play, but he’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out most of them are looking to employ more laid back strategies.

Kevin Schlehuber (55, Massachusetts): As is true of every oldest cast member that enters the house each season, Kevin is at an immediate disadvantage because of his age. That being said, who doesn’t fall for a Boston accent? Put aside the slicked back hair and the mafioso three-piece suit and Kevin is actually quite charming, if not soft-spoken, in his interview. Hopefully Kevin doesn’t become a pawn nominee in the early weeks because we all know pawns go home because otherwise I think if he’s given a few weeks to work his charisma then he could become one of the dark horse contenders.

Mark Jansen (26, New York): The thing that sticks out to me most about Mark’s pre-show material is on his bio where he describes his strategy as “[earning] people’s trust, and [keeping] it.” A lot of houseguests think that backstabbing is an important part of securing a win, but too few understand that finding the right group of people and remaining loyal to them is just as, if not more, important. Mark also happens to be a huge fan of the show and is excited to be playing, but his biggest concern is that he’s going to be distracted by pretty girls and may get wrapped up in a showmance. Mark is one of my favorites of the guys and I think he’ll do well, but the possibility of a showmance is a big concern of mine, too. Those are never a good idea!

Matthew Clines (33, Virginia): Matthew is really handsome and really smiley so he’s probably going to be easy for everyone to get along with in the initial days which should secure him safety for a couple weeks. He’s also likely to get a lot of attention from the girls, which is good since according to his CBS bio Matthew hopes to build good friendships with the female houseguests “because they are critical in moving chess pieces in the house.” If Matthew can manage to build a strong alliance across gender lines and find a healthy balance between his charming personality and good performances at challenges then I think he’s got a great shot at going really far.

Paul Abrahamian (Season 18 Runner-up): Paul popped up in the first episode as one of this season’s twists. After Kevin decided to take a $25,000 temptation, the result was Paul coming into the house and swapping places with one of the other houseguests. Cameron Heard ended up being the victim of the twist, as he was evicted after only being in the house for 12 hours. Last summer Paul relied on his social game to make it all the way to the finals, but he ended up losing the ultimate prize to Nicole Franzel. Can he prevail on his second chance? See all “Big Brother” winners.

Ramses Soto (21, Michigan): Like I said with Josh, the biggest hurdle for Ramses to get over will be his age deficit because at 21 years old he’s going to have very little in common with people in their late 20s and 30s. However, he could be seen as an unthreatening little brother type that gives him an opportunity to fly under the radar long enough to make a big move later in the game. Ramses does come off as very smart and level-headed with a bubbly but not annoying personality so he’s got a lot going for him in terms of winning over the affection of the other players.

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