Toxic ‘Big Brother’ showmances: Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson, Zakiyah Everette & Paulie Calafiore make us cringe

While Jordan Lloyd & Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas are among the most successful relationships to come out of “Big Brother,” let us now take a look at the other end of the spectrum. Specifically, what are the most toxic “Big Brother” showmances of all time? It shouldn’t be a surprise to see that relatively new lovebirds Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson top our list.

Villainous duo Jessica and Cody star in the current 19th season of “Big Brother.” In their eternal quest for kisses, Jessica and Cody ended up turning on their entire house until only they remained on a lily pad of their own making. While the duo is apparently in love — Cody “absolutely” wants to pursue a relationship outside the house — it doesn’t excuse their behavior during the game. Season 19 features two other showmances — Matthew Clines & Raven Walton and Mark Jansen & Elena Davies — but neither of those pairings were dumb enough to trade in the $500,000 prize for an on-screen fling.

Another noxious duo that caused more harm than good was Zakiyah Everette & Paulie Calafiore of “Big Brother” Season 18. Zakiyah & Paulie represented one of the most lethal relationships to ever come out of the game. While beautiful on the outside, they both showed their ugly sides to each other as they fought and bickered during much of their time together. Their fighting even continued into the jury house, with Zakiyah sitting in silence as Paulie attacked her and Da’Vonne Rogers as all of America watched in stunned silence.

See the other power couples that make our overall list of the Top 10 “Big Brother” showmances ever — some good, some bad — by clicking through our photo gallery up above. Who is YOUR favorite dynamic duo from CBS’s long-running reality TV show? Let us know by sounding off down in the comments section.

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